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  1. Jennifer Courington

    How to Store Polymer Clay Canes

    Keep your polymer clay canes safe with this storage tip from Sculpey. We offer high-quality tools and crafting materials to ambitious artists. Learn more here!

  2. Sculpey Design Squad

    Adding Curves to Polymer Clay Pieces

    For some of your polymer clay projects, you may want to give the piece a curve. The curve may serve a practical purpose, like when making a bracelet. Curves also add a nice aesthetic touch, such as making a leaf look realistic. Baking curves into polymer clay is easy to do and will transform your pieces. Read this guide to learn...

  3. Lynn Yuhr

    Claying with Veneers by Lynn Yuhr

    Veneers are a staple in polymer clay creations.  I use veneers ALL the time. It is basically a decorative sheet of clay. It could be a sheet with a surface treatment (for example, silk screened or alcohol inks), a pattern of cane slices pieced together or a mokume gane slice. But it can also be simple . . . . ...

  4. Sculpey Design Squad

    How to Get Started in Miniatures

    Design by Melissa "Mo" Tipton Miniature food making relies on a set of basic sculpting skills, and handily enough, today’s project gives you a chance to practice all of them. The skills you’ll be learning, which will help you with a variety of other tiny food projects, are: Using the proper amount of translucent clayCreating realistic crumbsGiving clay a browned...

  5. Sculpey Design Squad

    Sculpey for Beginners

    Table of Contents: What Is Polymer Clay? What Types of Polymer Clay Are There? What Can I Create With Polymer Clay? What Polymer Clay Tools Do I Need? How Do I Bake Clay? Where Can I Find Clay Inspiration? Learn to Make Polymer Clay Jewelry Sculpey polymer clay is fun to use and extremely versatile. Anyone can work with polymer...

  6. Claire Maunsell

    NEW LOOK STRATA BEADS by Claire Maunsell

    For today’s post I thought it would be fun to update a classic hollow bead technique that I’ve used for many years by using the delicious new bright colours in the Souffle line. I was sent some of these to try (along with some other fun stuff – thanks Polyform!) and I think they are just the thing for me...

  7. Sculpey Design Squad

    Translucent clay components: Colour Inside and Colour Outside

    When I first began exploring polymer I was coming from years working with hot glass. You can imagine how excited I was to find that translucent clay existed in a few varieties in the Polyform line! I found it was a natural progression from sandblasted glass to translucent polymer clay. It’s very easy to add small amounts of colour to...

  8. Sculpey Design Squad

    How to Make Cute Polymer Charms

    This guide is for you if you are wanting to get into making cute clay charms out of polymer clay or have already started and consider yourself a beginner. I have been making kawaii style charms since I first picked up my first blocks of clay in 2012 and have learnt lots along the way, so I hope you get...

  9. Sculpey Design Squad

    Sculpey® Horns

    When you work with clay, you have endless possibilities in the types of pieces you can create. Your only limit in this unique craft is your imagination! When you use Sculpey® clay and our specialized tools, you can make just about anything. If you're looking for unique new ideas for Sculpey® clay, try making clay horns! From fun headbands to...

  10. Sculpey Design Squad

    Boho Ornaments

    Today, let’s talk about some of the latest Sculpey products : The Sculpey Silicone Mandala Mold I discovered it a few months ago and « loved it at first sight ». The goal is simple : add some Liquid Sculpey in it, cure it and you’ll have very beautiful and detailed lace doilies in polymer clay. (and you can trust me, it is SO...

  11. Sculpey Design Squad

    Personalized Wine Glasses and Charms with Sculpey and Dremel

    We are kicking off the holiday season with a fun DIY wine glass and charm project!  These are perfect for holiday parties and would make an amazing hostess gift!  Giving personalized gifts are the ultimate way to show your family and friends how much you appreciate them! We teamed up with our friends at Dremel to create the perfect set...

  12. Teresa Pandora Salgado

    Thinking Outside the Jewelry Box

    I LOVE to make jewelry. I’ll always make jewelry. The only thing jewelry-making lacks is the ability to “work large”. You see, I sometimes I feel like I spend entire days without moving anything but my eyeballs and four of my fingers (2 pointers, two thumbs). Such is the life of a caner. So, for balance (and sanity), I started...

  13. Katie Oskin

    Elephant Mini Planter Tutorial

    Elephant Mini Planter Tutorial Elephant Mini Planter Tutorial by Katie Oskin Love air plants, tiny succulents, or faux plants made from polymer clay? Here's a quick and easy little mini planter project made from polymer clay and a few basic supplies that you can have fun with in your studio!  Continue reading →

  14. Sculpey Design Squad

    Polymer Clay Projects for Kids

    Table of Contents: What Our Polymer Clay Is Made Of The Best Types of Polymer Clay for Kids Different Kinds of Kids’ Polymer Clay Projects Polymer Clay Project Ideas Kids Will Love A Few Quick Tips Where to Get Polymer Clay for Kids Kids love to play with clay. It gives them the freedom to build anything they want, squash...

  15. Sculpey Design Squad

    A Guide On How To Make Clay Earrings

    Table of Contents What is Polymer Clay What Makes Polymer Clay So Great? How to Prepare to Make Polymer Clay Earrings Different Types of Earrings How to Make Polymer Clay Stud, Unicorn Horn and Other Earrings Pattern Ideas for Your Polymer Clay Earrings Bring Your Polymer Clay Earring Designs to Life With Sculpey Polymer clay is an exciting and fun crafting...

  16. Shirley Rufener

    Chalkboard Flowers

    With the popularity of chalkboards this season I wanted to mimic the look with polymer clay for adding accents, and it worked! I was so excited when the first flower was finished that I put it right on a chalkboard. Let me back up a bit and tell you when I learned this technique which is called “chalking” in the...

  17. Sculpey Design Squad

    How to Make a Polymer Clay Mold Using Premo Clay

    Flowers are blooming, trees are lush and green, and the weeds are abundant! It inspired me to go for a walk in the woods, and as polymer clay is always on my mind, I decided to search for something new to use in my mold-making. I found so many interesting shapes and textures that I thought would lend themselves...

  18. Laura Laura Kelly

    Clay in the Classroom - DIY Manipulatives

    Classroom manipulatives are used across the entire curriculum in the early grades.  While there are many different kinds out there to be purchased (and many more from kitchen drawers at home), it is really fun to make them to specifically fit your needs.  Using clay in the classroom is a way to involve your students in creating a sense of...

  19. Laura Laura Kelly

    Clay in the Classroom - Learning Through Puppets

    Puppets in the classroom are a great way to accomplish so many different learning strategies.  From simple story telling to problem solving, puppets allow students an opportunity to share in a way that gives them confidence and character.  For day number for of the series Clay in the Classroom, I am so thrilled to share two ways to use Sculpey’s...

  20. Laura Kelly

    Clay in the Classroom - Fun with Letters

    It is day three of the Clay in the Classroom series and today I am sharing some fun ways to work with letters using Bake Shop clay.  Letters are such a huge part of the earliest years of school and finding ways to teach children who are mostly kinesthetic learners can be fun but challenging.  Using clay to help teach letter...

  21. Sherri Kellberg

    Quick & Easy Stud Earrings, The Perfect Handmade Gift Idea!

    These colorful little stud earrings are easy to make, and fun to wear!  The design possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination! Try some of the foil ones at the top, use any small stamps to impress a design on the foil, or maybe a slice of an old cane, add a coat of resin, and Wha-la, the perfect...

  22. Laura Kelly

    Hoppy Valentines Day Frog

    This Hoppy Valentines Day Frog is adorable and simple to create.   It is great for a little love gift or holiday decor. Baking Clay for Adorable Holiday Decor I used my designs for inspiration along with a new package of Bake Shop clay. To make the frog, I did the following... Roll the green around until it is soft...

  23. Laura Kelly

    Spooky Note Clips with a Matching Printable

    These spooky note clips with a matching printable are awesome sauce adorable and really simple to create.  I used the Bake Shop clay because, well because I love it so much. To get inspiration, I consulted my portfolio. I used my fingers to hand mold all of the pieces then stuck large metal paper clips into the center bottoms of...

  24. Teresa Pandora Salgado

    Pandora's Ring Box

    Gift giving season is just around the corner; and, if you're like me, a beautiful container makes any gift more fun to give. Polymer clay can make even the most ordinary box beautiful. Try this little one for starters and you'll want to make them for everybody on your gift list.                 You will need: A small wooden box 2...

  25. Sherri Kellberg

    Working with Liquid Sculpey to Create Faux Raku

        I'm working on some Faux Raku tab beads this week. Using brown hemp cord to assemble them into a bracelet. I used antique brass chain, and large end caps to complete the earthy look.         The pink/orange/gold tab bracelet was an experiment in Faux Raku. The pink/orange/gold tab bead bracelet, was an experiment of my...

  26. Nadia Michaux

    Iced Sugar Cookies using Premo Cutters

    Let's make these beautiful mini Iced Sugar Cookies using mini metal cutters and TLS icing!                                                                                          ...

  27. Anke Humpert

    Adorable Little Patriotic Flowers

    Creating in patriotic colors is always so much fun for Memorial Day in the late spring, the Fourth of July in mid-summer and then Veterans Day in the fall.  These adorable little patriotic flowers are fabulous to create an use in variety of fun ways.  To get started, you are going to need Sculpey III clay in red, white and...

  28. Katie Oskin

    Fluffy the Bird

    Polymer Clay Fluffy Bird Tutorial Fluffy Bird Polymer Clay Tutorial by KatersAcres Just in time for spring, this adorable little "fluffy bird" can be made in any color of your choice! Continue reading →

  29. Syndee Holt

    Spring-Summer Trend...Gingham!

    I diligently search the fashion magazines for trends in fashion that could relate to clay . Seriously, don't we try to relate EVERYTHING to clay? "look at the wall texture-good for clay" or "I could cane this pattern"..  It seems that one of the biggest trends for Spring/Summer will be gingham!  As well as pale blues for nails.  So I...

  30. Sculpey Design Squad

    Sculpey Easter Crafts Round up

    Easter Crafts are a fun activity for children.  This year is no exception since Easter is early and winter is still here and indoor activities are needed.  The winter this year in Ohio has been on the extra cold side so it is fun to fire up the oven and make the kitchen warm.  You can use any variety of...

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