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  1. Sculpey Design Squad

    My Inspirations and How It Developed My Own Style

    When I discovered polymer clay about 6 years ago, I was overwhelmed with the possibilities of things which I could create. I had probably browsed thousands of pictures of polymer clay miniatures online and was giddy with excitement since I didn’t know where to start. The next few years, I spent almost everyday practicing this new art form but...

  2. Sculpey Design Squad

    Top Reasons Sculpey Oven-Bake Clay Is Great for Crafting

    Are you excited to enter the world of crafting but not sure what medium you want to work with? If you're looking for a medium that's easy to use and lets your imagination soar, oven-bake polymer clay is the way to go. With polymer clay like Sculpey, the crafting possibilities are endless. Keep reading to learn about all the reasons...

  3. Sculpey Design Squad

    Learning Japanese characters and words with clay

    I have always wanted to learn Japanese but it is quite challenging to learn such a difficult language especially when I am living in rural England with no access to Japanese language classes or tutors. Since I am learning a 3rd language by myself, I relied on free tutorials online and even Google translate. I didn’t have the luxury of...

  4. Sherman Oberson

    Obsessed with obsession by Sherman Oberson

    Most of us are familiar with this 80s song obsession “You’re my obsession, I cannot sleep, I am your possession, unopened at your feet”. When we think of obsession we tend to think of the dark side of it but when it comes to art getting obsessed with something can really take your work to new levels. Obsession in...

  5. Sculpey Design Squad

    A Guide On How To Make Clay Earrings

    Table of Contents What is Polymer Clay What Makes Polymer Clay So Great? How to Prepare to Make Polymer Clay Earrings Different Types of Earrings How to Make Polymer Clay Stud, Unicorn Horn and Other Earrings Pattern Ideas for Your Polymer Clay Earrings Bring Your Polymer Clay Earring Designs to Life With Sculpey Polymer clay is an exciting and fun crafting...

  6. Gretchen Amberg

    Bringing Home to Work

    New job and new digs.  OK, technically the job is not new since I have been with the company a year, but after some musical chairs, our department seems to have finally landed in a permanent location.  I am pleased to announce I am now out of the ever-popular grey walled cubicle and in a more open area where I...

  7. Syndee Holt

    I'm a Lil Dotty

    I have a weakness for polka-dots. They are like little welcoming beacons for me.  Ask me to pick a pattern and I guarantee it will have polka-dots..or dots of some kind.  So it's only natural that I incorporate dots into my clay work. My polka-dot bracelets for Sculpey a couple of years ago The word polka-dot has been around since...

  8. Syndee Holt

    It's Logical Really

    HI! syndee here.. I really like to work on multimedia projects and I often use paper in the projects.  Whether its an actual photo or images from scrapbook paper or wrapping paper.  I kept running into a problem though.  No matter how I attached the paper to the sheet of clay, it would curve after baking.  Yeah, it would LOOK...

  9. Miranda Farrand

    Experimenting with Glow-in-the-dark Polymer Clay

    Yesterday with the help of my mini-me, I experimented with Glow-In-The-Dark or GITD polymer clay. She took notes while I dictated what I was doing. The idea was to discover if any other light clay could be mixed with Sculpey III Glow-in-the-Dark and still retain the glow. For our experiment, we used Sculpey III Glow-in-the-dark, Premo Translucent, Premo Pearl and...

  10. Miranda Farrand

    A Dream Come True- My visit to the Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween Art Show

    Saturday ushered in a weird sculpture artist's dream come true. I attended a one day Halloween art show at a small fairgrounds in lower Michigan. For years I've wanted to attend the now named Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween art show in Chelsea, Michigan but timing has never been right. More information regarding future shows can be found at

  11. Shirley Rufener

    A Day at the Beach

    I feel so blessed to live less than a mile from the ocean. Our beach here in Oregon is so different from the Southern California beaches we went to most weekends growing up. Of course they do have some things in common; ocean waves, seagulls, sand plus we have beautiful driftwood almost everywhere! Sculpey Liquid Clear Earrings I made these...

  12. Katie Oskin

    Finding Your Routine is Essential to the Creative Process

    Finding Your Routine Finding Your Routine to Enhance Your Creativity by KatersAcres for Polyform Finding your routine for a creative person is essential. A routine can help us settle in. Routine can help us to automatically perceive things about our environment. Today we are going to discuss finding your routine to help you in your creative process. Continue reading →

  13. Miranda Farrand

    Kids in the Studio

    I've heard it said that having "kids in the kitchen", is an important tool in teaching children the art of cooking and how to nourish their bodies. Well, in my humble opinion, it's just as valuable and important to teach them to feed their souls in the art room, studio, craft room, etc. Having an outlet to let their creative...

  14. Miranda Farrand

    Goodbye to Summer

    Ahhh, my favorite time of year is here again. The oppressive heat of summer has lost it's grip on Central Ohio (at least I hope so) and the leaves on the trees are slowly giving up their green. I can't wait for all of the vivid, rich hues to dot the landscape once again. I hope to share several fall...

  15. Laura Laura Kelly

    Clay in the Classroom - DIY Manipulatives

    Classroom manipulatives are used across the entire curriculum in the early grades.  While there are many different kinds out there to be purchased (and many more from kitchen drawers at home), it is really fun to make them to specifically fit your needs.  Using clay in the classroom is a way to involve your students in creating a sense of...

  16. Sherri Kellberg

    Quick & Easy Stud Earrings, The Perfect Handmade Gift Idea!

    These colorful little stud earrings are easy to make, and fun to wear!  The design possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination! Try some of the foil ones at the top, use any small stamps to impress a design on the foil, or maybe a slice of an old cane, add a coat of resin, and Wha-la, the perfect...

  17. Shirley Rufener

    Change is in the Air

    Change is in the air for me this month and it seems I am not alone. I am still claying of course, that will never change, but I have zeroed in on a new! I'm still a kid at heart and I've definitely been into bright, cheery colors this year. My new found interest started when I discovered OTT's...

  18. Shirley Rufener

    I Can See Clearly Now! Shirley Rufener

    I've heard that fashion trends or styles always come back! I remember making clear hair bows filled with small candies in the late 70's and early 80's. Recently I noticed a resurgence of these bows created for summertime fun in the sun, and in the pool! There are "water bows" which actually have some type of "water-gel" inside of them...

  19. Katie Oskin

    What is Polymer Clay Mixed Media?

    This month, I have been focusing on helping each of you understand how polymer clay might work and mix with other craft products. By definition, polymer clay that has anything done to it instantly becomes a "mixed media" project, piece, or design. So whether you add something on the surface of the clay or add it into the clay itself, you have created a mixed media piece. Continue reading →

  20. Katie Oskin

    Polymer Clay and Staying Organized

    Organizing Your Polymer Clay Studio KatersAcres Polymer Clay Studio I don't know about you, but one of the parts of crafting that is the hardest is becoming (and staying) organized. This month I'm going to be writing about a lot of mixed media applications for polymer clay that you may not have considered or thought to try before. But before I can write about mixed media applications, I must first help you to find all those mixed media things that are knocking around in different places of your house. Continue reading →

  21. Lee Kellogg

    Spring is Here!

    Or coming, or passed, depending on where you live. This is such an exciting time of year as the flowers come up and bloom. The air starts to warm and I am motivated to move outside, sketch and make art. It’s also a time when we tend to clean. Use those motivations to tidy up your art work space. Get...

  22. Nadia Michaux

    Spring has Sprung!

    Celebrate warmer days by making cute food miniatures inspired by signs of fresh new life.               Make sure you make plenty of painted Easter eggs (with just using scrap clay - you will get amazing effects) and prepare chocolate bunnies made from Premo Burnt Umber clay. Just make sure you gloss it with a semi-matte...

  23. Lee Kellogg

    Daily Art Habit

    I like to do something creative every day. I really want to sketch and watercolor everyday, then clay. That would be ideal, but we don’t live in an ideal world. So I schedule and plan my creative times. Sketching is usually a quick 20 minute exercise that keeps my brain and hand in shape. I try to schedule clay time...

  24. Lee Kellogg

    Creative Mornings by: Lee Kellogg

    This morning I attended a brief lecture at our local history museum on ethics and design. While I don't consider myself a design professional, design is an important facet of our lives. The talk was part of the monthly lecture series put on by Creative Mornings ( These talks happen all over the world. I meet more interesting and creative...

  25. Laura Kelly

    Wintertime Fairy Village

    This tiny wintertime fairy village was so fun to create and set up.  I made it with Bake Shop since I was working with kiddos and this clay is the best for them (according to me anyway). I hand molded the houses first.  Then I added the roofs to them.  If you want to make sure they stay together as...

  26. Gretchen Amberg

    Welcome to Cubicle Township, Population Millions

    Like so many others out there, I spend my work day stationed in a 3 walled standard grey cubicle. I find that no matter how much of those awful grey walls is covered by a calendar, diagrams, and assorted reference sheets that it still feels terribly drab.  I’ve been wanting to find ways to add a little color and personality...

  27. Gretchen Amberg

    That Pesky Stuff Called Scrap

    I’m sure many polymer clay users out there can identify with the issue of having an abundance of scrap clay.  I personally don’t like the idea of just throwing clay in the garbage, and although I do manage to salvage some of it by working in “like colors”, I all too often end up with bits that when combined will...

  28. Nadia Michaux

    Halloween Miniatures

    Halloween is my favourite event of the year! Every year I will make miniatures for Halloween using just polymer clay. Sweets and candy are important for this holiday and polymer clay miniatures can give that sugary effect. These iced-sugar cookies are made from Sculpey Ultralight (cookie base) and TLS + polymer clay (icing). Mix TLS with the colour of your...

  29. Rachel Hinderliter

    Candy Inspiration

    Candy is so colorful and fun and has been a huge inspiration to me when working with polymer clay. I even share fun pictures of candy (with fellow artist Natasha of Violet Tinder Studios) on Instagram every week. We even created a fun hashtag #thecandyrainbow for sharing creative pictures of candy. Sculpey Ideas From Candy Many of the projects I’ve...

  30. Rachel Hinderliter

    Watercolor Inspiration

    I absolutely love painting with watercolors (if you follow me on Instagram you probably have already noticed this), and I especially love the beautiful effects that are created as the paint randomly scatters across the page.             What’s great is that you can create a similar effect using polymer clay. I first got the idea...

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