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Color Mixing

  1. Syndee Holt

    New Color Tuesday! The Red Zone

    So today, we are going to get a quick 2fer with Souffle Mai Tai mixing with Turnip and So 80's.  They are all in the same red family, but they created some pretty cool hues! Speaking of hues, I think that the Turnip mixes look like warm hues and the So 80's mixes look like cool hues.  Agree?

  2. Syndee Holt

    New Color Tuesday - Mixing Insanity!

    Ok, I admit to "occasionally" getting carried away with my 2.8 out of 3 times I step out into my Deluxe Designer Studio. But this week I got so excited over the color mixes, well, I just couldn't stop myself.. So today, we are getting two mixes: Sculpey Soufflé Mai Tai and Sea Glass and Sculpey Soufflé Mai Tai...

  3. Syndee Holt

    New Color Tuesday! Let's Do Mai Tais..

    In honor of the Summer season, let's do Mai Tais!  Sculpey Souffle Mai Tai mixes that is! The Sculpey Soufflé Mai Tai is a little bit of a mystery to me.  When I roll a piece out and look at it carefully in the light, I swear I see a mica sheen in there..but then again I thought I saw...

  4. Syndee Holt

    New Color Tuesday - It's a 2fer!

    So I thought that there were FIVE Tuesdays in June, but there are five Mondays and four Tuesdays.  We get a 2fer today, because I couldn't just pick between the remaining two color mixes. First up is Sculpey Soufflé Sea Glass and Premo! Accents Gold: A little similiar to the Jade earlier, but 2 pt Sea Glass/ 1 pt Gold...

  5. Syndee Holt

    Sculpey Soufflé Cowboy Turns Golden

    Sculpey Soufflé Cowboy is one of my favorite colors.  It's such a nice neutral brown - it's not orange, it's not magenta, it's just what it advertises - Cowboy - a straight up color. It was one of my obsessive colors for several weeks, only to be replaced by Latte (or was it Sea Glass? LOL).  Anyway, it's still at...

  6. Syndee Holt

    New Color Tuesday! Sculpey Soufflé Goes Metal

    This week Premo! Gold meets Sculpey Soufflé Turnip (one of my favorite colors). Not only does it yield a rather surprising Copper color, but the partial mix is gorgeous also! So far the Sculpey Soufflé colors that I've become facinated with are Sea Glass, Turnip, Key Lime, Concrete, Latte and now Bluestone.  Is it me? Sometimes I will just pick...

  7. Syndee Holt

    New Color Tuesday! Sculpey Soufflé Goes Metal

    I get asked frequently if there are metallic colors in Sculpey Soufflé.  The answer is NO because Sculpey Soufflé is supposed to be a wonderful addition, another color line, another surface texture,  another choice for the Sculpey artist, not a competitor to Premo! BUT that doesn't mean that we can't mix the two and create our own new metallics!  This...

  8. Syndee Holt

    New Color Tuesday! Fluorescent Pink goes Royal

    So when I decided to mix Premo! Fluorescent Pink with Premo! Accent Purple Pearl, I knew that I would get some sparkly fuchsia to purples, but I didn't expect the RANGE of colors it gave me! I got a lovely violet with the 1:1 mix, a bold purple with the 1:2 mix and a metallic fuchsia (I'm not even sure...

  9. Syndee Holt

    New Color Tuesday! A 2fer

    Well, well, well.. I'm giving you a 2fer this week because I mixed two different Premo! colors withPremo! Accents Fluorescent Pink and I got very similar colors.  Premo! Sunshine and Premo! Wasabi mixed to colors that are very close.  I think that the Sunshine colors have lovely warm deep pastel effect while the Wasabi colors have a little more punch...

  10. Syndee Holt

    New Color Tuesday! Fluorescent Pink Goes Metal

    This weeks color mix is a little different.  As you know, my "Rule" (made up entirely by me)  is that I pick a color to mix for the  month and I can only mix that color with one other color that I find on my table that week.  (Actually, if you saw my table, you would see that this is a...

  11. Syndee Holt

    New Color Tuesday! The Old Meets the New

    Our featured mix color this month is Premo! Accent  Fluorescent Pink.  Our first mix uses our April mix color, Premo! Turquoise with the Fluorescent Pink (yes, I'm showing off that I can spell BOTH those colors!)  The 1:1 mix is my favorite, what's yours?

  12. Syndee Holt

    New Color Tuesday - Frozen with a twist

    My apologies to those of you currently experiencing a Game of Thrones decades-long Winter, but I wanted to see what happened when we mixed our Premo! Turquoise withPremo! Pearl. Show these colors to anyone under the age of say, 20 years old, and they are probably going to shout "Frozen! Elsa! Snowman!"  (BTW if you haven't seen this movie, rent it...

  13. Syndee Holt

    New Color Tuesday - Our Turquoise month continues with a little Sunshine in our day!

    This week I'm mixing Premo! Sculpey Turquoise with Premo! Sculpey Sunshine.  I always call Sunshine "Pop-a-Color Yellow" because I seem to use it when I need just that little pop of color in a design.  I was surprised that our little Sunshine held it's own against Turquoise! I guess that kind of proves the Pop of Color theory.. it isn't...

  14. Sculpey Design Squad

    Seven in the series of Color Combinations

    This color combination is brought to you from another foral arrangement. I really do have a thing for flowers and yet another picture from the Flower Market in NYC.  Mother nature makes the most interesting combinations.  I know this is not a combination that I would pick on my own, yet somehow it looks great on the flower.  I think...

  15. Sculpey Design Squad

    Color Combination and Inspiration #6

    The picture for the Color Combination Inspiration came from a trip to NYC.  I had to make a stop at my favorite store, ABC Home and Carpet.  I could spend hours in the store shopping and taking pictures.  The home store has 5 floors of pure awesomeness.  Each time I go to the store their merchandise is different.  I never...

  16. Sculpey Design Squad

    Color Combination and Inspiration #5

    Color Inspiration can be found almost anywhere, but I think mother nature provides the best color pallet.  Not quite sure that these are purely mother natures work, their might be a little dye involved.  wink wink.  But no matter what the results are lovely and inspiring.  I hope you enjoy the combinations and create some beautiful projects with them. Thecolors...

  17. Sculpey Design Squad

    Color Inspiration #4

    This color inspiration is a photo from a flower market in New York city.  I was there earlier in the year and managed to snp a couple of photos before the battery in my camera died.  Insert super sad face here.  The market had every flower imaginable.  There were boxes everywhere loaded with fragrant bouquets.  You can expect a few...

  18. Sculpey Design Squad

    Color Combination and Inspiration #3

    This color combintaion was inspired by a pile of dishtowels at World Market.  I loved the bold bright colors.  The clay colors I picked to match are from the Pluffy line. If you have kids and havenot tried the pluffy line, you should.  It is light weight, easy to work with and super fun.  My kids love it, because if...

  19. Sculpey Design Squad

    Color Combination and Inspiration #2

    Last week I posted a color combination and had several emails asking for more.   Who knew picking colors would be so popular?  Not me, that is for sure.   I thought I might try to bring you a new one each week through the rest of the year. I love photography and will go through my pictures and try...

  20. Sculpey Design Squad

    Color Combination and Inspiration

    Color combinations are a struggle for many crafters. As an artist I am a frequently asked how to put together great color combinations.  Color inspiration, for me is all around.  You have to open your eyes and learn to look for the way nature pairs them.  Often I find great color combinations at the unlikeliest of places. The picture I...

  21. Syndee Holt

    Premo Accent Peacock takes a walk to the pastel side of life

    Okay, so we all love Premo Peacock Pearl.  But it has even more tricks up it's pearlescent little sleeve! I was cleaning up my clay table and I happened to end up with some Peacock and some Premo Silver in my hand. They were equal parts, so why not?  I started to mix them.  I was liking what I was...

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