tårta blommor


Not only sweet and tasty, but a great source of inspiration!
I just love looking at cakes but i´m not a fan of eating them actually, except for chocolate ones that is.

Some are very beautiful and graceful and as they often are made for very special occasions, they are made with great care.

Colours, texture and decoration wise, many of them are works of art.

How Decorated Cakes Can Inspire Polymer Clay Creations

I'll show you two examples of how cakes inspire me. First turquoise cake i found on "Sugar Couture " and the second black and white one i found on "Cupcakes de lais".

I loved them both and used them for inspiration. Beautiful cakes!

So before you take a bite, take a look and a photo whenever you see a pretty cake!

Keep your polymer clay eyes open at all times!