fruit salad
When I think of summer, I think of wearing bracelets, cuffs and big bangles when I go out. Here are a few new styles I have come across. Distinguishing between a bracelet and a bangle is not a precise science. I found a simple explanation, "Bangles usually circular in shape, and unlike bracelets, are not flexible." I myself would add that bracelets are usually made up of more than one component, such as beads, or tiles, where as bangles are one solid piece. Now that we've established that, here's an example of a summer bracelet called "Fruit Salad" by Carol Capaldi. Bracelets can be made of milliefiori charms that dangle freely secured to a charm bracelet chain.

mem wire


If you decide to make curved tube beads, you can string them on memory wire to form a bracelet like this wonderful summer colors one by Kristie Foss. I like how she also added clay disk beads and how her patterns vary from one bead to the next. These types are great for all sizes of wrists as they expand and contract.


colorful br



Bracelets can also be clay tile beads that have small holes drilled through them (usually 2 holes each) for elastic cording like this bright and colorful bracelet (also by Sherri Kellberg).



Decorating Various Types of Clay Bracelets

flower bangles by Eug


Moving on to bangles, here's a feminine one with daisies (a true summer symbol) with various additional delicate flowers by Eugenia Aleksandrova of Russia. The textures and flower details make this so eye catching and very realistic. The chosen colors also work well for summer styles. The following braclet to your left is also the art of Eugenia. It just amazes me how chaging a color scheme can change the 'mood' if you will of a bangle. These are still flowers but she has created a simplistic bangle and paired it with a thinner solid textured bangle and a beaded bracelet. Layers are quite popular this year as well so she is right in the flow of the current fashion market. Click on any photo for a larger view, it's worth it!





Cuff bracelets have an opening as they are not completely round. This makes putting on a cuff much easier as you can turn your wrist and slide ti into the opening. I prefer cuff's myself as my wrist is medium but my hand is larger. This beautifully imprinted piece is by  Adriana Allen who sells unique clay jewelry on Etsy.  She mentions in her description that she uses acrylic paint on her pieces.