Today, let’s talk about some of the latest Sculpey products : The Sculpey Silicone Mandala Mold

I discovered it a few months ago and « loved it at first sight ». The goal is simple : add some Liquid Sculpey in it, cure it and you’ll have very beautiful and detailed lace doilies in polymer clay. (and you can trust me, it is SO SATISFYING to un mold it). And I always find it interesting to apply techniques from other crafts to polymer clay)

Then I started thinking about Christmas decorations. I love traditional Christmas decoration, but I don’t know why, those nice doilies inspired me some Boho ornaments. So here is what I just started to prepare for this trendy themed Christmas decoration : a boho / lace dream catcher, with delicate ribbons. White and wood, in a beautiful green Christmas tree is a nice color palette for winter.