Oven Safe Bakeables

All month I have been addressing the ever important question, "what can I use with polymer clay" here on the blog. Today we are going to discuss not what you can use on polymer, but what exactly polymer can go on... In other words, here's a short list of things that can safely go in your oven and be baked right along with your polymer clay.

When it comes to mixed media, there's a whole world of art, craft, & hobby supplies available in the world. Learning what is oven safe & what is not requires some patience as well as good old fashioned, trial and error. Here's a few things that you can use as a surface that are oven safe & ready to go!

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produce box final.jpgUsing wooden canvases is a great way to work with polymer clay. Wood can be used as a support structure, base, or even as the canvas itself.

TRY: Distressed Wood Box


dad canvas multimedia final.jpgCanvas isn't just for painters! There's something satisfying about creating a piece of work mounted on canvas to decorate your home, dining room, or even Grandma's house. Polymer clay when used with liquid clay loves canvas and adheres very well because it gives a small amount of "tooth" for the clay to adhere to. I love creating with canvas and clay. The possibilities for this are endless.

TRY: Faux Collages, Painterly Technique, Mixed Media Canvas, Paris Collage


Sculpey Pumpkin stems - New sew fabric pumpkinsNot only can polymer clay mimic fabric, but it also LOVES to be paired with fabric. Burlap, lace, & cotton are some clayers favorites. Fabrics add softness and dimension to your projects that otherwise might be missing.

TRY: Fabric Pumpkins with Polymer Clay Stems


Ornate Paper Clip Box

Polymer clay marries very well with paper maché. You can use standard white glue to cover the paper mache and then add your clay directly on top. [Watch a video here]. Making boxes, frames, & unique home decor from paper maché have endless possibilities.

TRY: Ornate Paper Clip Box


Be still my heart ... adding thread, raffia, embroidery floss, twine, hemp, cotton, and so many other fibers to clay is joyous, fun, and always adds a touch of intrigue and "touchable-ness" to any polymer clay project. All of these items are oven safe & can be baked right along with your clay piece.

TRY: Christi Friesen Lion Tutorial

Other Materials:

Two other favorite materials that polymer clay artists love to use in their work are cork and felt. Both materials are oven safe and can be baked right along with your polymer clay.

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