It is back to school time and I have created an easy peasy project that you can do with your students or children to support successful transitions and learning.  Kiddos do great with progress charting and measurement of their good decisions.  This chart is bound to be super helpful and making it is really fun!

Using Baked Sculpey Clay for Your Kids or Students

Chore Chart Back to School Sculpey

Create your clay magnets by following the instructions in the packaging of the Bake Shop brand.  Be sure that your different colors are molded together tightly and don't make your pieces too heavy.  Once they are out of the oven and cooled off, add your magnets with a powerful adhesive.


Ta Da!  You can start measuring right away.  Most refrigerators are magnetic but if yours is not, an alternative is to use a baking sheet or create a magnet board.

Chore Chart Back to School Sculpey Close

While you have the clay out, create some fun reminder card holders too!

Call Your Daddy

Be Kind

If you want this chore chart to fill in and use, you can download it FREE HERE.

Chore Chart BTS

Cheers to Back to School, to Teachers and to Parents;