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Something is wrong for sure! It is quiet!

I´m home alone!

The kids are out with their dad and my brother looking for a new/used car for my brother, this is very rare, me home alone i mean. So here i am sitting by the computer  clean ( just showerd) and fed thinking about baby wipes.

Yep, baby wipes! I love them you know.

Except for the obvious use, cleaning a baby´s tushie, they are great stain removers and a clayers very good friend! I use the cheap ones.

How to Use Baby Wipes to Clean Your Clay Space

Number one use with clay is off course to clean your hands and your table but another great way to use them is to before you slice a cane or something else that is a bit thicker and where there will be drag to wipe the blade with them and the drag will be reduced to almost none.

Keep wiping the blade when it dries out and you can cut with ease! I am terrible at slicing canes but this helps a lot, making it so much easier.

Second use I think is not new to you and that is to wipe your clay conditioning machine before use and between colors BUT I say use a dry one.
Sometimes a pack of baby wipes sits too long and dries out and usually get thrown away, don´t discard them, save them.
When you clean your machine with a damp baby wipe there is a risk of getting black streaks on your clay so when using a dry one you will still get a clean machine but minus the streaks.

Clean your machine from under with the dry baby wipe ,cranking the handle both back and forward and you are good to go.

I made a mosaic box and the grunt i made from Translucent Liquid Sculpey and clay, smearing it on and between the mosaic tiles and using baby wipes to clean the grunt of.

Now I got you thinking of baby wipes too, didn´t I ?

Keep your polymer clay eyes open at all time!