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Sculpey Design Squad

Sculpey Design Squad
  • Ace Clay

    Anthony is a self-taught sculptor who has been sculpting since he was 12 years old. He started his own YouTube channel Ace of Clay in 2018. His sculpting videos feature figurines, sculpted book covers, and more – in themes of horror, fantasy, and video games. He has since gained more than 200,000 subscribers! His easy-to-follow tutorials and creative designs are fun and inspirational for every experience level.

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    Ace Clay
  • Amy Koranek

    Color, pattern, texture, design, and style are constant and continual influences in her life. She delights in artistic displays and the wonder they stir in her soul. She has been brought to tears on many occasions in the presence of -what she considers to be - art masterpieces. She dabbled in many creative expressions until she found her joy - polymer clay - in 1989. Thirty years later, that medium is still unfolding for her. There is still endless possibility in every effort and effect. She has had the opportunity to teach, demonstrate, inform, and support others in their creative endeavors in polymer clay as a Brand Ambassador for Sculpey - both domestically and internationally. She’s blessed that her life is filled daily with beauty and creativity and it’s her honor to influence and encourage others. She is a wife, mom, grandmother, daughter, sister, and friend. She lives with her family in central Illinois on a 13 acre hobby farm where creativity abounds.

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    Amy Koranek
  • Anke Humpert

    Anke is a mixed media and polymer clay artist. Young at heart and mind, uber creative and “medium adventurous”, fearless about trying new things and making them her own. She has an extraordinary eye for color and pattern. Her professional training at the University of Arts, Berlin, Germany, and her self-studies have encouraged her to find her own path in many ways. Anke is the managing editor at the Tenth Muse Arts, which produces The Polymer Studio, Polymer Journeys, and other quality craft publications and projects. Anke has published several books, e-books and writes regularly articles for magazines. She is a demonstrator for polymer clay manufacturers, teaches classes on-line at and in person workshops nationally and internationally.

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    Anke Humpert
  • Cindi McGee

    Cindi McGee is a multi-published mixed-media artist. Over the past 19 years, she has enjoyed experimenting with many types of mixed-media, but has found her true passion lies with polymer clay. Cindi is Editor of Passion for Polymer magazine. Her motto is “Dare to be Different.” Her style is diverse, and she is always seeking new techniques to master. Cindi shares her art via her blog - Cindi McGee Behind These Eyes, her Etsy store - Cindi McGee Designs, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and on various other websites and social media platforms

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    Cindi McGee
  • Heather Robertson

    Heather is an artist, designer, tutor and demonstrator living in Hampshire, England, with her husband, two teenagers and two Yorkshire terriers. She studied art and design in South Africa, where she developed a love for the natural world and wildlife. She loves discovering new materials and techniques, and mainly work with Polymer clay (an oven baked clay), but also use some air dry clays and mixed media in her artwork. She was a featured artist in Channel 5's "The Wonderful World of Crafting" (Series 1, episode 1), which aired on UK TV in October 2019 and again in April 2020. She also had many live TV appearances as a craft demonstrator, on Create and Craft TV, working with polymer clay, air dry clay, MDF and paint. She loves old fashioned fairytales, myths and legends, and her aim is to try to bring a little of that mystery and magic to life with the pieces she creates. Note: My earlier work can be found under the names Heather Frost and Heather Dickhart. 

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    Heather Robertson
  • Heidi Helyard

    Heidi Helyard is a leader in the popular contemporary polymer clay jewelry movement. She’s a lifelong artist, a graphic designer, and innovator, and lives near Sydney, NSW Australia. She has now been making handmade polymer clay art and jewelry for over 3 years. Heidi is known for her constantly evolving experimental approaches to working with polymer clay. In 2019, Heidi launched “Studio Scraps” – a weekly email newsletter she sends to her subscribers that covers all kinds of topics relating to polymer clay, jewelry design and small business life. She shares lots of tips, hacks and behind the scenes glimpses into her studio, showing how she creates her new collections and comes up with new ideas. Heidi considers her jewelry collections to be small-scaled, one-off pieces of wearable art. Each pendant, earring or bowl is a limited edition - collectable and precious, completely individual, and the opposite of mass-produced fashion jewelry that floods the market. For Heidi, it’s about color and texture. The beauty of polymer clay is that it presents so much opportunity for her to explore endless color combinations, patterns and textures.

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    Heidi Helyard
  • Kristin Vaughn

    Kristin has been running her polymer clay jewelry business, Hillside Studio, since 2015.  She has had a love for polymer clay since she was a child, making Christmas ornaments and selling them to her mom's co-workers.  She is passionate about bright colors, and creating patterns out of polymer clay canes is her specialty. Her favorite clay to create with is Sculpey Soufflé, and she has a vast library of color recipes created from it. Kristin enjoys teaching others how to make professional, quality pieces out of polymer clay, and loves experimenting with new techniques! She lives in Iowa with her husband and three kids - and their fluffy bunny! 

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    Kristin Vaughn
  • Sherri Thompson

    Sherri Thompson of LunaMeraki Studio is a published mixed media artist and instructor living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with her artist husband, two children, and their dog. She creates tutorials and teaches polymer clay courses on various platforms. Sherri has been creating in countless forms and mediums since childhood, but found a real passion for polymer clay in recent years. The endless possibilities that polymer clay offers sparks and inspires her imagination like no other medium. Creativity is her driving life force and allows her to physically manifest her thoughts, feelings, and ideas in an aesthetically pleasing way, often with an organic or eclectic style.

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    Sherri Thompson
  • Syndee Holt

    Does Sculpey look interesting, but you tell yourself you just don’t have time? Well, syndee holt will prove you wrong. She has worked as an independent polymer clay artist, photographer, and author for over 18 years while maintaining a full time career (she recently retired!) and raising her two sons herself, even caring for her terminally ill father for several years. She wrote her book, Polymer Clay for the First Time, with 4 little boys playing Nintendo behind her and in between laundry and cooking duties. Her bibliography now lists over 100 polymer clay articles in magazines published throughout the world as well as over 35 television appearances. Still don’t think you have time for crafts?

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    Syndee Holt
  • Tassel And Bead

    Tassel and bead was created by two friends who found themselves with a bit of extra time on their hands due to COVID. What began as a simple arts and crafts night making jewelry quickly turned into a small business. Jordann and Jaclyn enjoyed making the clay jewelry so much that they decided to release a small collection. That is how Tassel and Bead Co. was born. In 2 days they sold out! From that first release they have evolved as artists and business owners. Tassel and Bead Co. offers handmade polymer clay earrings, initial necklaces and bracelets. They believe that jewelry should be beautiful, affordable and above all, wearable. Tassel and Bead hopes to continue The expansion into wholesale sales soon and be in boutiques everywhere.

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    Tassel And Bead
  • Teresa Pandora Salgado

    Teresa is a mixed media artist, designer & instructor from Los Angeles California. She has made 85 You Tube tutorials which have garnered over 2 million views in 151 countries. In addition to teaching live workshops on millefiori complex caning all over the U.S., Teresa helms the online store, Tiny Pandora Crafting Boutique, which features her specialized tools and kits.

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    Teresa Pandora Salgado