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Sculpey Design Squad

Sculpey Design Squad
Sculpey Design Squad
  • Ace Clay

    Anthony is a self-taught sculptor who has been sculpting since he was 12 years old. He started his own YouTube channel Ace of Clay in 2018. His sculpting videos feature figurines, sculpted book covers, and more – in themes of horror, fantasy, and video games. He has since gained more than 200,000 subscribers! His easy-to-follow tutorials and creative designs are fun and inspirational for every experience level.

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    Ace Clay
  • Amy Koranek

    Color, pattern, texture, design, and style are constant and continual influences in her life. She delights in artistic displays and the wonder they stir in her soul. She has been brought to tears on many occasions in the presence of -what she considers to be - art masterpieces. She dabbled in many creative expressions until she found her joy - polymer clay - in 1989. Thirty years later, that medium is still unfolding for her. There is still endless possibility in every effort and effect. She has had the opportunity to teach, demonstrate, inform, and support others in their creative endeavors in polymer clay as a Brand Ambassador for Sculpey - both domestically and internationally. She’s blessed that her life is filled daily with beauty and creativity and it’s her honor to influence and encourage others. She is a wife, mom, grandmother, daughter, sister, and friend. She lives with her family in central Illinois on a 13 acre hobby farm where creativity abounds.

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    Amy Koranek
  • Anke Humpert

    Anke is a mixed media and polymer clay artist. Young at heart and mind, uber creative and “medium adventurous”, fearless about trying new things and making them her own. She has an extraordinary eye for color and pattern. Her professional training at the University of Arts, Berlin, Germany, and her self-studies have encouraged her to find her own path in many ways. Anke enjoys most to explore creativity in all it´s forms and help other people to find their own path to being creative. Anke has published several books, e-books and writes regularly articles for magazines. She is a demonstrator for polymer clay manufacturers, teaches classes on-line at and in person workshops nationally and internationally.

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    Anke Humpert
  • Cindi McGee

    Cindi McGee is a multi-published mixed-media artist. Over the past 22 years, she has experimented with many types of creative mediums, but has found her true passion lies with polymer clay. Her motto is "Dare to be different." Her style is diverse, and she is always seeking new techniques to master. Cindi lives in North Carolina with her husband and a menagerie of beloved animals.

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    Cindi McGee
  • Cindy Luo

    Cindy is a self-taught polymer clay artist from Ontario, Canada. She's worked with the medium for over 10 years, finding her style with the influence of anime, pop culture, and street fashion. She originally wanted to work in the video game or graphic design industry, but after graduating, she started Sukita Studio in her desire for escapism. One of her favorite things in the world is storytelling, which has a monumental impact on her art. She wants every piece she makes to represent a story, evoke emotion, and inspire hope. Stories have the power to change a heart, and one heart at a time, she hopes to lift the world into a better place.

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    Cindy Luo
  • Courtney Chapman

    Courtney is a self taught sculptor and animator who has been sculpting since she was 8! She currently attends UCLA as an English and Film student, and runs her TikTok and Instagram account during her academic studies. Her TikTok has accumulated over 450,000 followers for her sculpture work on popular trends and memes! She works to make sculpting accessible to all levels of experience through her TikTok videos detailing her entire creation process!

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    Courtney Chapman
  • Heather Robertson

    I am a mixed media artist, demonstrator and product designer living in Hampshire, England with my family and two cheeky Yorkshire Terriers. I studied art and design in South Africa, where I developed a love for the natural world and wildlife. I also love listening to stories, myths, legends and fairy tales. My aim is to combine the richness and beauty of the natural world with that of the fantasy world. Polymer clay allows me to do this through the simple use of texture and form, as well giving me the flexibility to add a little humor and magic to my cheeky characters. I was a featured artist in the UK Channel 5 TV show, The Wonderful World of Crafting, which first aired in October 2019, with it being repeated several times since, and also have many live TV appearances as a mixed media craft demonstrator on Create and Craft TV. My artwork, tutorials and creatures from the Frosty Feather Forest can be found through my website, and also my Instagram and Facebook pages. 

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    Heather Robertson
  • Nancy Nguyen

    Nancy is an artist and crafter from Canada that suddenly had a lot more time on her hands during the pandemic! During this time she started experimenting with polymer clay and eventually took the leap to start her shop at the beginning of 2021 called Oh That’s Neat. Her shop focuses on handmade jewelry and accessories with a wide range of styles, from delicate floral details to adorable miniatures. All her designs have one common goal of making you think “oh, that’s neat!”. While Nancy is still early in her polymer clay crafting journey, she’s picked up some tips and tricks along the way that she’s excited to share to anyone looking to get into this fun medium.

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    Nancy Nguyen
  • Precious Nunez

    My name is Precious Nunez, I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I am currently in college achieving an Associates in Business while I own and operate my very own online shop and social media full time as SimplyPreciousMade. My clay journey started in 2015 when I came across polymer clay tutorials on Youtube and started to make my own creations. Since then, I have grown a great love for the craft and turned my hobby into a business. I decided to open SimplyPreciousmade in 2017, selling a wide range of charms, phone grips, croc charms, pins, hair clips, and much more. Since owning my shop, I have sold my products across the world with 5-star ratings and excellent satisfaction as well as recognition for my work through numerous blog posts and mentions. I also collaborated with several influencers and businesses throughout my clay career to provide in-store products, gifts, promotion items, and more including miniature ice cream replicas for a popular business in Barcelona, Spain. I also organically grew a large fanbase on instagram for those who enjoy seeing unique handmade items and built relationships with like-minded crafters. My creations are based on a child-like imagination with a wide range of bright and pastel colors to perfectly convey my personality and creativity through each and every piece. I genuinely admire what I do by bringing joy and happiness to others with love reflected through my creations.

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    Precious Nunez
  • Syndee Holt

    Syndee has been part of the Sculpey team for over 25 years now! The artist/pro photographer/single mom has always encouraged people to find time for art in their lives. She has written over 100 magazine articles on diverse topics of pro photography, construction foam and flooring, and of course, polymer clay! One of her television producers pronounced her “the Lucy of daytime craft television” with over 40 television segments filmed. She works tirelessly to bring the magic of polymer clay to as many people as possible and to support the polymer clay groups throughout the world.

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    Syndee Holt
  • Teresa Pandora Salgado

    Pandora Salgado is a mixed media artist from Los Angeles, California. She began crafting in early childhood using sticks, rocks, and glue. In 2010 she discovered polymer clay and fell in love. In addition to her six years as a Sculpey Design Squad member, Pandora is a YouTube instructor with over 3 million views, hosts a weekly live workshop, and runs three Facebook groups with over 50,000 followers, all devoted to polymer clay. In 2016 Pandora created a family business, Tiny Pandora Crafting Boutique, which she runs with her daughter Elaina and granddaughter Jolene. Making art, teaching, and interacting with others are Pandora’s passions and she hopes to continue crafting for many years to come.

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    Teresa Pandora Salgado
  • Vanessa Brady

    Vanessa Brady is the creator behind Tried & True Creative, a craft site that specializes in craft tutorials, free printables, and fun svg files. When she's not hot gluing her fingers together, Vanessa enjoys running after her three children in the Desert Southwest.

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    Vanessa Brady