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Precious Nunez

Precious Nunez
Precious Nunez

My name is Precious Nunez, I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I am currently in college achieving an Associates in Business while I own and operate my very own online shop and social media full time as SimplyPreciousMade. My clay journey started in 2015 when I came across polymer clay tutorials on Youtube and started to make my own creations. Since then, I have grown a great love for the craft and turned my hobby into a business. I decided to open SimplyPreciousmade in 2017, selling a wide range of charms, phone grips, croc charms, pins, hair clips, and much more. Since owning my shop, I have sold my products across the world with 5-star ratings and excellent satisfaction as well as recognition for my work through numerous blog posts and mentions. I also collaborated with several influencers and businesses throughout my clay career to provide in-store products, gifts, promotion items, and more including miniature ice cream replicas for a popular business in Barcelona, Spain. I also organically grew a large fanbase on instagram for those who enjoy seeing unique handmade items and built relationships with like-minded crafters. My creations are based on a child-like imagination with a wide range of bright and pastel colors to perfectly convey my personality and creativity through each and every piece. I genuinely admire what I do by bringing joy and happiness to others with love reflected through my creations.

  1. Useful Tools for Every Clayer

    Whether you’re a beginner or been sculpting for some time, using tools to help you create your piece is essential. From adding small details, conditioning clay, slab making, and much more; you can pretty much do anything! Here are a few tools that I use for just about any project that will be sure to help you on your clay...

  2. Tips and Tricks for Creating Well-Made Items

    Hello, my name is Precious Nunez. I am a longtime lover of polymer clay and run my own business selling my various clay creations. I’m here to help and give you some simple tips & tricks when it comes to Polymer Clay. In this blog post, I share with you on how you can make your pieces durable and last...

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