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Paul Pape

Paul Pape

Paul is an artist who specializes in custom collectibles. He is a trained scenic and properties designer and has parlayed that skill set into a full time career creating unique gifts and art for others. His work has been seen in television, film and on stage. He’s been using Sculpey products since he started sculpting over twenty years ago. He also streams his work over at // four days a week so you can watch and learn some tips and techniques or just chat along with him and the other viewers.

  1. Mold Making Pt 1

    Let’s talk about mold making. The process of reproducing one object into multiples. There is some basic terminology associated with mold making which will help with the explanation. The first one would be the Master. The Master is the name of the original object that you want to make multiples of. If it’s a sculpture, it’d be called a Master...

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