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Heidi Helyard

Heidi Helyard

Heidi Helyard is a leader in the popular contemporary polymer clay jewelry movement. She’s a lifelong artist, a graphic designer, and innovator, and lives near Sydney, NSW Australia. She has now been making handmade polymer clay art and jewelry for over 3 years. Heidi is known for her constantly evolving experimental approaches to working with polymer clay. In 2019, Heidi launched “Studio Scraps” – a weekly email newsletter she sends to her subscribers that covers all kinds of topics relating to polymer clay, jewelry design and small business life. She shares lots of tips, hacks and behind the scenes glimpses into her studio, showing how she creates her new collections and comes up with new ideas. Heidi considers her jewelry collections to be small-scaled, one-off pieces of wearable art. Each pendant, earring or bowl is a limited edition - collectable and precious, completely individual, and the opposite of mass-produced fashion jewelry that floods the market. For Heidi, it’s about color and texture. The beauty of polymer clay is that it presents so much opportunity for her to explore endless color combinations, patterns and textures.

  1. Stitching on Polymer Clay

    Stitching polymer clay is such a wonderful technique and a great way to add detail and texture to your polymer clay pieces. The fact that polymer can be cured many times over allows this technique to be incorporated in various ways! The basic materials needed to stitch on polymer clay include: Cured polymer clay, threads (see below), Super glue, masking...

  2. Working with Polymer Clay Scraps

    Working with scrap polymer clay can yield the most wonderful, unique and unexpected results! I love consciously re-using and reworking my scrap clay (both raw and cured). And the management of my scrap clay stash is a big part of my studio organisation.  Polymer clay is plastic. I like to think of plastic as a precious material (rather than a...

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