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Cindy Luo

Cindy Luo
Cindy Luo

Cindy is a self-taught polymer clay artist from Ontario, Canada. She's worked with the medium for over 10 years, finding her style with the influence of anime, pop culture, and street fashion. She originally wanted to work in the video game or graphic design industry, but after graduating, she started Sukita Studio in her desire for escapism. One of her favorite things in the world is storytelling, which has a monumental impact on her art. She wants every piece she makes to represent a story, evoke emotion, and inspire hope. Stories have the power to change a heart, and one heart at a time, she hopes to lift the world into a better place.

  1. My Top 5 Hacks for Working With Polymer Clay

    Every creative person has their secrets, techniques, and tips for making what they do appear even more impressive. A motto I live by is “work smarter, not harder”, which is why I am excited to share the following polymer clay hacks with you. Most of these techniques use everyday household items, so anyone of any skill level should be able...

  2. Finding Inspiration and Working Thru Creative Blocks

    A lot of creatives straddle with the back-and-forth of their inspiration. It’s a mystical thing, a unicorn that peeks its head from behind an old tree you’ve walked by for years, and suddenly you’re looking at it with an entirely different perspective. However, that tree has always been as it was, only cloaked by a fleeting magic called inspiration. When...

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