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Caroline Aguanno

Caroline Aguanno

She is the owner/creator of Sweet Caroline’s Clay! Caroline was born in Ft Lauderdale, Fl and relocated to Naples, Fl a few years back to raise her family. They have three amazing kids who constantly inspire her and keep her motivated. She has been using polymer clay for about six years now and it is definitely her favorite medium, but she’s especially fond of Premo! She also loves mixed media art- the more creative tools you have at your fingertips the better!

  1. Just In Time for Summer! Miniature Lemonade Charms

    “Sweet Caroline’s Clay” here! For this project we are going to make a miniature lemonade charm! All you will need is a small amount of Premo Sunshine, Translucent and Black clay, eye pins, some pink chalk for the cheeks and Sculpey Bake and Bond.  Start with a ball of yellow clay- you can ultimately decide the size of your cup. Roll...

  2. # HowDoYouSculpey? with Caroline Aguanno

    “My name is Caroline, creator of Sweet Caroline’s Clay - Miniatures are my absolute favorite thing to make. I personally feel like the smaller the better! I find that Sculpey Premo™ is the best clay to work with for me. It’s not too hard and not too soft, making it the perfect combo for sculpting minis!   Today I’m going to...

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