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Amy Hucks

Amy Hucks

Since she was a little kid clay has always fascinated her. She can still remember the feel and fragrance of a lump of Playdoh squished in her hand, pressed up against her cheek. She loved to look and run her fingers over the lines left in the clay the next morning until they were smoothed out. Art has always been big in her family, from music to ceramics, woodworking, painting and pointillism. Her family always encouraged her and her siblings to be creative and expressive. A few years ago, she was looking for a creative outlet to create some silly Halloween zombie finger pendants. Her wife is the one who actually suggested polymer clay and tt was love at first squish! She is a self-taught artist who loves creating whimsical hand sculpted characters and creations. Her favorite artists are Jim Henson, Edgar Allen Poe, Christi Friesen, and Dawn Schiller. She is a member of the Indiana Polymer Clay guild.

  1. #HowDoYouSculpey with Amy Hucks

    As you read in my previous blog post, I am all about sculpting faces. Being able to bring out beings and creatures from inspiring photos or your imagination is a joy. There are a lot of anatomy & expression references sources available. Here are my three favorites: The Artist's Guide by Gary Faigin, FaeMaker by Dawn M. Schiller and Fairies...

  2. #HowDoYouSculpey

    This is a great hashtag to answer, as it has really made me look at my clay journey over the last few years.  My love of Sculpey  and polymer clay began with sculpting silly and super simple zombie fingers for friends. I was enthralled by how the this medium took to form and texture. The colors choices from bright to...

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