I have no problems attacking people I know with my phone.
Taking photos that is, not whacking them on the head with it. But with strangers it is more difficult so sneaking is better or making your partner do it for you.

Why on earth would I want to take photos of strangers? Only one answer to that and it is inspiration! I see patterns and colour combinations on fabrics and clothing all around me, some are so nice that a photo is needed so I can look at it again and again so then I pick up my phone and take a photo.

Taking Sculpting Inspiration From People Around You

My friends don´t think much of it but what would a stranger think? This has to be done with the greatest discretion or not at all. A picture of the back of someone's clothing, not the front or I will be attacked myself. I have not yet found something on a strangers front side so nice so i went up to them and asked if i could take a photo, maybe that day will come. I often do pick up a piece of paper and make notes of any ideas that I have because by now I know that I will NOT remember.

I made a pendant after taking photos of a friends tie but I binned it, I did not like it, reminded me too much of a domino brick but one day I will remake it and make it work.
The bracelet was inspired by a shoe but for that one I didn´t have to sneak as I found it online.

So go ahead attacking and sneaking with your phone when ever you see something inspiring.

Keep your polymer clay eyes open!