Tips on Creating a Floral Clay Mold

Tip #1: I love to find or figure out another use for a tool, or reuse something that would otherwise be thrown away! I found this great Russian tutorial for using small cookie (or canapé) cutters for small frames (or round ring bases). If you've worked with polymer clay you may own one or more drawers of cutters, I sure do! Well now we have another use for them! These images are not hard to follow. Long strips of clay were formed (probably extruded) and wrapped around the outside of a cutter shape. A clay bail was added for the cording, using a dot of Translucent Liquid Sculpey. The frames were baked, and then placed on a piece of clear packing tape (sticky side up). Two-part resin was poured in, tiny polymer clay inclusions, gold no hole beads and curled wire pieces were added. A final layer of resin covers the inclusions to protect them. You could just as easily add a flat back piece of clay, cutting it out with the same cutter, to create a bezel. 

Tip #2: This use for the inside cap of a deodorant stick was very imaginative. Using a fine mist of water or a dry release such as cornstarch on the underside of the cap, press a smooth ball of clay into the oval shape to create the perfectly domed cabochon for a pendant or brooch.

Tip #3: And last, but "surely" not least, I saw this great idea to create even clay discs, which in turn creates the same size balls of clay for beads. Place an evenly rolled clay log on a clay-dedicated egg slicer and pull down the strung wire lid. Viola! 
Have fun trying these unique tools for yourself!