Creating in patriotic colors is always so much fun for Memorial Day in the late spring, the Fourth of July in mid-summer and then Veterans Day in the fall.  These adorable little patriotic flowers are fabulous to create an use in variety of fun ways.  To get started, you are going to need Sculpey III clay in red, white and blue!


Red, White and Blue Sculpey III Projects

To create the flowers, I delved into my art portfolio for a little inspiration and landed on this page.


I rolled the clay into soft little balls and rolls then smooshed them into flatter pieces and pushed them together.  Here are a few pictures that demonstrate my easy peasy method.  (This is a great project for complete beginners and even kids.)


I baked the completed flowers as instructed on the packaging and then let them cool completely.


Once they were cool, I used hot glue to add them to these masterpieces.   The candies in the jars are so much fun and while super yummy, also very decorative.



If you want to give patriotic colored candies as a little sweet treat, they are so fun in spring top jars with these matching gift tags.


You can download the tags for free HERE!


The clay flower are cute right on the tags too!


Happy Creating Patriotic Flower Fun,