Easter is right around the corner and as the weather starts to think about warming up I am ready to decorate and add some touches of adorable fun to my home.  I made these adorable spring chicks using the designs in my licensing portfolio to get started and can't wait to share them.

Close Up Clay Spring Chicks

The first step was to look through my "Happy Easter" collection and find which designs I wanted to translate into clay creations.  It was an easy choice because the chicks are so cute and friendly.


To create these adorable spring chicks, I used the following:

  • Sculpey III Oven Bake Clay in Yellow, Pink, White, Black, Green and Orange
  • Metal Wire for Legs
  • Sculpey Tools for Cutting and Shaping
  • Sculpey Texture Blocks for Creating Grass
  • Sculpey Mat to Work and Bake On
  • Oven for Baking

Sculpey Oven Baking Directions

To start I created the grass by flattening a large amount of green clay and then using a texture block to get the grass effect.


To create the adorable spring chicks, I softened the clay colors first by rolling them through the clay conditioning machine.  Then I used my hands and the modeling tools to recreate the chicks in 3D.


To create the stick-like legs, I cut pieces of wire and put then into the clay BEFORE baking.   I added the chicks to the textured grass and baked the entire thing all together following the instruction on the SculpeyIII instructions.  While it was in the oven, I put together a printable background that could be used with this project.  You are welcome to download it FREE HERE or by clicking on the photo below.


I love the way that they came out and am really enjoying having them watch me create in my studio as they sit amongst my supplies, materials and collections of things.


Happy Creating, Sculpting and Decorating,