A Workshop with Kathleen Dustin


[caption id="attachment_18329" align="alignnone" width="280"]Kathleen Dustin and Anke Humpert Kathleen Dustin and Anke Humpert[/caption]

My home guild, the German Polymer Clay Guild polyclaykunst.de had arranged a workshop with Kathleen Dustin (April 24th - 26th, 2015). This workshop was one I have been looking forward to for a long time! I had meet Kathleen on two occasions earlier, but I had never taken a class with her. I appreciate her work very much and so this was a special treat for me. Even more so since my husband had given it to me as a birthday present. The class was “large hollow polymer beads”. This was not a topic I would have chosen, since I have been working with hollow beads myself for years, but I knew Kathleen would be able to show me some new twists on that topic. And of course I was right with that.


Friday afternoon, after a short train ride, I reached the workshop location. Many others had already arrived. It is so good to see many familiar faces from your own guild again after quite some time (we only meet once or twice in person every year) and make friends with new fellow clayers. My place had already been set for me and my clay ( sponsored by Polyform Products ;-) ) was waiting for me at my table.


Friday evening is reserved for meeting and preparing the workshop. And of course catching up with what has happened since the last time we saw each other. So Saturday morning was the real start of the class and everyone was very attentive and listening closely to what Kathleen showed us. Not all of us speak English and so we always have one or two people translating, to make sure nothing will be missed. This works very well and even for everyone understanding both languages it can be good to hear things twice.


“Time flies when you are having fun” this was certainly true for our workshop and I was so happy to learn many new tricks and ways from a excellent teacher.

A Lesson in Polymer Bead Projects

Saturday evening is the social highlight at our workshops: more talk and a drink or two and, most important: the raffles! We have the tradition that everyone brings three beads with her and all these beads are strung to three bead strands. One stays with the guild, one is given away to one participant of the meeting and one is a gift of our guild to the teacher. We are always surprised that word did not get around by now that we do that, but is is so great to see how surprised our teachers are when the strand it given to them. Kathleen was no exception and it was wonderful to see her joy and delight. It is so nice to know that a bead from everyone of us will be with her.


Sunday normally everyone is a little tiered, but we still had a lot to do! There are so many things to learn about hollow beads and Kathleen did teach many of them! After making the forms on day 1, we added color and veneers on the second day. What a difference that made!

Sometimes you forget that there are others in the room that also make things, but when everything is laid out on the table at the end of the class it is wonderful to see all the results!

We had a fantastic workshop and we all were happy with out newly acquired skills and so it was only fitting that the weather changed when it was time to say good bye! It started pouring and we even had some hail!

Thank you Kathleen and polyclaykunst.de for a great workshop. I am sure I am not the only one who did enjoy the weekend very much!