I really love bracelets and over the years I made lots of them. Of course I want to have a great design on the outside of the bracelet. after all that is what you see most of the time. But I also find it very important to have a nicely done inside and it should feel good when I wear my bracelet. Not too long ago I had a new idea for a quick and easy way to make a nice and comfortable bracelet inside, that I would like to share with you:
I always start with making a bracelet core that I cure first. Then I am adding decorations on the inside and outside. The order in which I do that depends on the design I am working on. For this tip I will just show you how to do a nicely finished inside. Add the outside first or after according to what works better for the design you have chosen!


How to Create Soft and Rounded Clay Bracelets

I add a thick layer of un-cured clay to the inside of my cured bracelet core. I used the thickest setting of my clay condition machine for that. I like to have a nice smooth layer that does not overlap. Now I am going to add a texture to the inside layer. The texture makes the finish more pleasing, and it also makes it much more comfortable to wear! A smooth finish can stick to your skin when you start to sweat and I don’t like that at all. Textured insides don’t tend to stick to the skin as much. And I do prefer that!


Now we need a kor tool or another similar texturing tool. I just happened to have a kor tool on my work desk. A kor tool is a little rod that has a textured surface. It can be rolled on a clay sheet to create an endless pattern.


Insert the kor tool of your choice inside of your prepared bracelet core. You might what to add some kind of release agent before you go to the next step, depending on the tool you are using. I never needed a release agent with the kor tools.


Now hold both ends on the outsides of the bracelet and roll the tool in one direction. The 2 bracelet will start moving as well! Don’t hold it, just let it roll along. Now roll until you have completed one whole round on the inside of your bracelet core. You will need to add a bit of pressure on the kor tool to make a deep enough impression. Stop when you have finished on complete round! Now you have a perfect textured bracelet inside!


I really like that you can add the texture without even touching the inside at all. If you like you can round the curve of the fresh clay so you will have a smooth rim for your bracelet. And if you use the same colored clay as for the core for the inside lining you will not see the two layers after curing! I just used different colors to make it easier visible for you … ;-)


Cure the bracelet with the textured inside and then add your chosen design to the outside.


There are many different designs available at the Kor tool website. You can chose one that fits your taste and the design of your bracelet.
Kor tools: http://kortools.com/

Anke Humpert
June 2016