Tool Rack

I have to make a confession, my work space is an utter disaster.  I have tools and clay all over the place which makes it hard to keep track of my supplies.  Cleaning up after a project can be difficult since I don't have a dedicated space for the majority of my small tools.  The tool rack that Polyform introduced this year is wonderful but I'd need ten of them to get all of my little tools organized.

After finally getting to the point where I was ready to tear my hair out while trying to clean up my work space I decided I needed to come up with a custom tool rack and it needed to be something that could hold a lot of things while not taking up too much space and allowing me room to grow.  After much contemplation I finally came up with what you see in the photo.

Organizing Your Sculpey Clay Sculpting Tools

This was built using a Plexiglas 3-tier spice shelf, PVC pipe in different diameters cut to assorted lengths, and Goop brand adhesive.  It was simple to build and uses supplies you can find in most hardware stores.  I cannot begin to tell you how much easier it is to now clean up my work space after a project and find those small tools when I need them.