I was processing my photos on my camera card and I came across this photo from a couple of weeks ago.  As usual, I was making a last minute necklace to go with a new blouse before I left for a trip.  It had some rather tricky color mixing to make the matches.  I tend to work on either large index cards or sheets of computer paper so I can make notes to myself off to the side, especially if I’m working on a number of deadlines.  I don’t like to be writing up the tutorial a couple of days later and suddenly think to myself (or say out loud to the dog) “Was that color a 4:1:2 ratio or a 4:2:1 ratio? Was that a #3 layer or a #2?”

3-12 pt1So here is one of my solutions – I make notes to the side of my paper worksurface and I will oftenphotograph the actual ratio in clay next to the note.

Creating the Perfect Color Molding Clay Ratio

Now just looking at what I had written, I don’t know if I would have figured out that the “1-1/4 C” meant Alizarin Crimson. (I got facinated with Alizarin Crimson for about a week).  Anyway, now I had a perfect record for a fairly complex color mix.  There was a further photo that showed just the note and I did add one more white to the mix.  I know that I could keep a notebook to the side of my worktable and put my notes in there. 3-12 pt 2 However, if I can’t be bothered to pick up that delightfully cold drink with condensation dripping down  the sides because I just can’t take my hands away from the clay – how can I trust myself to make the note?  MY GOD, my hands would have to leave the 10 inch square space I seem to live in on weekends!!3-12 pt 2

3-12 pt 5My other solution that I often use is a color application to select my palette.  I normally use the Adobe Kuler extension inside my Photoshop for this because I can actually print out 3-12 pt 5the palette and then make notes on it. (If you have a fairly recent version of PS, it’s located atWindows>Extensions>Kuler).  Kuler is also available for Android tablets (not phones yet though). There are also some pretty good color palette apps that can be found on the internet as well.  Even the paint companies have some pretty cool palette selectors.  I have totally fallen down the color rabbit hole in the Behr color selector more than once.

Anyway, here is a sample of one of my palettes printed from Kuler:

3-12 pt 4

I scan these back into the project folder and into a color mix folder for future reference.  The color mix folder was one of those ideas I got that made me whack the side of my head because I hadn’t thought of it earlier.  Kind of like the Findings folder – where I put the photos of the labels from the findings – no more guessing if it was Blue Moon or some other brand.


The necklace?  Here it is:  (Yes, I did a chest selfie! Who cares about the face or hair, WE WANT TO SEE THE JEWELRY)

3-12 pt3

Now, is it me or is that “Appalachian Spring” in the Kuler color palette shown above perfect for now?  I”ve also checked out that “View over the top” more than once while typing this.  Time to grab the camera and hit the clay table!