Mokume gane is not just for adults!  As a step in helping my son and his fellow Webelo Boy Scouts pack achieve their Artist badge, we created Mokume Gane canes.  The canes were placed in a metal Purse Hanger as Mother's Day gifts.  Before we began making the canes we talked about color theory and the color wheel and how to pair colors.  I was a little nervous about presenting color theory to a dozen ten year old boys.  Why, I do not know.  They were very attentive and actually paid attention and asked great questions.

Mokume gane boy scouts easy kids crafts with clay

Once we opened the packages of clay they were thoughtfully picking out their mom's favorite color and adding companion colors.  They were very eager to use the clay conditioning machines.  Good thing I brought two and had multiples of each color.  I brought baggies with me so the boys could take their canes home and make other projects with them.  Several said they wanted to make beads out of them too.  I wrote up directions and sent them in an email so the parents would know what to do with them.  All in all I think I now have a dozen boys introduced to the wonderful world of polymer clay.

Sculpey Jewelry Projects for Kids

 Premo Sculpey Clay crafts with Boy scouts 

I took the clay filled purse hangers home with me to back since our location does not give us access to the kitchen.  I took a picture of each boy with their piece so I could know what belonged to whom.  After I uploaded the pictures I thought it would be extra nice if I gave the pictures to the moms too.

Sculpey Premo crafts for kids Boy Scout Crafts for Mother's Day

Boy Scouts Craft Mother's Day Mokume Gane easy Kids crafts

They boys were really proud of what they created and so excited to get them back.  It really was a great project with the boys and a great gift for mom that she will actually use.  If you would like to know how to do the Mokume Gane Technique you can click MOKUME GANE DIRECTIONS by Iris Weiss.

If you are looking for a craft to do with kids I would highly recommend this technique and the jewelry blanks by Sculpey.  Them mom's were delighted and the boys were very proud of their projects.  They were so proud of themselves that a few of the other pack leaders have asked me to do a project with their packs since our boys were showing off their creations to everyone.