So, have you noticed how BIG tiny is right now?  Tiny boxes, miniature foods, tiny animals?  And fairies!  Fairy houses, fairy doors...

cookie cutter

So when I stumbled upon this little gingerbread house cookie cutter by Wilton, my mind immediately went to my beloved Sculpey!  And though I started out with a "gingerbread color" I intend to use pastels for the spring- pinks for Valentines day, greens for summer and oranges for fall through out this coming year!  I am eager to grow my village.  And just because I start out with this cutter for the basic shape for ease- I'm all about altering- stretching, slicing...don't you just love the possibilities?  Sculpey is definitely my favorite medium for possibility and forgiveness!


Create Tiny Gingerbread Houses With Sculpey Clay

First I traced some cardboard and cut out the little house shape (just the front) eight times.

Then I taped the house shapes together, and wrapped them with foil.  I made sure the foil was smooth all over.

tape smooth foil

Once my support was created, I was off to the races mixing my colors to get a gingerbread looking color!  I just love the feel of the Souffle' I was working with, and the matte look is really sweet.

mix color

After properly conditioning the clay together, I rolled out a slab about 1/4 inch thick, and pressed the cookie cutter into it- giving me the basic shapes.

press and cutpieces

I gently smoothed all the edges with my fingers, and began building the shapes around the foil support.  I started with the top and sides, using Bake and Bond and Liquid Translucent Sculpey to attach the edges together.  I then used a shaping tool and my fingers to seamlessly smooth the edges.

   brgin buildTLS

On to the roof for the same treatment!


Once the basic structure was finished, I decided to go ahead and decorate it.  I could have baked it at this point and might in the future, but I was cozy and happy and quite frankly didn't want to stop just then!  So I conditioned white clay and rolled out enough to cut out several windows.  I just used the clay blade and cut little squares.  Using TLS and a gentle push, I pressed the windows into the clay and smoothed it.  I didn't worry about cutting the brown clay out from behind the white.

windows   window in place

Trees occurred to me next, so that is what I did.  It would have been easier to do the window frames at this point, but I wasn't sure I was going to add them until later.  Green little cones were calling to me, as were rounded bushes.  All around the house they went.  I went back and rolled little snakes to adorn the windows.

trees window frame

The house was looking a little too plain for me, so I decided a terra cotta roof was in order.  Being from Ohio- I think terra cotta roofs are an exotic thing of wonder!  So clay was mixed and conditioned to a suitable color I liked for my little tiles.  I cut a slab into smaller tiles and began curving them.  Just like real terra cotta roofs, they overlapped.  With the help of TLS, they were no problem to attach.  A chimney added to my whimsy roof.

2014-11-30 20.00.08 roof tile terracotta roof chimney

I was having such a ball, designing my little fairy house, I decided a window box was in order.  Snakes and tear-drop vines would fill my terra cotta box.  I liked the color from that so much, I decided they would have blooming flowers.  (Funny I started this with the thought this would be a gingerbread house, but the muses decided differently!)

window boxflowers

A red door, a few pokes with the etch n pearl tool and What do you think?

sidefront back