Jan2018 NCT-4Guava.  I always forget about Souffle Guava and it's actually a pink that I like! (NOT a fan of pink, raised by a mom who didn't believe in a sea of pink for little girls and especially NEVER on little redheaded girls).  Guava is a pink that can go with the cool colors as well as the warm colors.  It felt right to pair it in with Royalty this week and Robin Egg Blue (another color I forget about and then rediscover it like a hidden gem!) Of course my standby, Turnip had to be included.  I'll mix Turnip with any and every color - my favorite is with Premo! Accents Peacock Pearl  - see December 2017 favorite mixes).

I kind of like the trio of Turnip, Robin Egg and Guava right out of the packages.  It's a lotta cool colors for my taste, but I like it.  I really like that Royalty/Guava 1:1 mix- it looks like a warmer version of purple doesn't it?  And check out that trio of Robin Egg, Guava and the Robin Egg 1:1 mix.  Now THAT'S a palette for a warm, sunny white deck isn't it?  I can see the pillow and umbrella in those colors (the umbrella in my drink would be straight up Royalty).  Those 1:1 mixes would make lovely flower petal colors for a cane or sculpted flowers as well- using the original colors of Royalty, Turnip and Guava as well.

Another thing about Guava - it teams with Poppy Seed (Black) really well, since it's rich enough to stand up to the black.  Not as a mix, but combined in a design.  It's surprisingly good with Jade as well (oh, Guava, Jade, Latte!)

I have a color crush on Jade right now. In fact, I think I'll make that my anchor color for February.  I know, it should be a red or a pink, but I'm not a traditional kinda gal!