Change is in the air for me this month and it seems I am not alone. I am still claying of course, that will never change, but I have zeroed in on a new! I'm still a kid at heart and I've definitely been into bright, cheery colors this year. My new found interest started when I discovered OTT's (Over The Top) bows. Kids hair accessories have a new fresh and expressive style. Many clayers are experiencing success creating bow centers, focal points of a sort to some pretty fancy hair bows. Another popular kid's trend that's been around for the past several years is chunky bead bubblegum necklaces, as well as bracelets. Again, these are a wonderful opportunity for clayers to get involved with, as most feature a focal point pendant which is right up our ally!

Creating Clay Products for Kids

I am fortunate to have a talented niece who creates bubblegum necklaces, matching bracelets and bows, who helps me keep up with the latest trends, a very important aspect of kidswear. Here are some of my latest clay jewelry pieces designed for kids (of all ages really). Holidays and special events are probably the most popular themes. A lot of my Facebook 'Mom' friends have mentioned getting ready for vacations to amusement parks and love to dress their little ones for the occasion. A total 'Kids Theme' has taken over my newly revised website: and I'm loving every minute!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAMinnie Inspired Earrings