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Teresa Pandora Salgado

Teresa Pandora Salgado is a mixed media artist, designer & instructor from Los Angeles, California. She has made 85 YouTube tutorials which have garnered over 2 million hits from viewers in 151 countries. In addition to teaching live workshops on millefiori complex caning across the U.S., Teresa helms the online store, Tiny Pandora Crafting Boutique, which features her specialized tools and kits.

Fairy Wing Earrings by Teresa Pandora Salgado

I’m crazy about Premo White Translucent. I’ve used it in all kinds of projects, from sculpture to caning; but the easiest things to do with translucents are tinting and silk screening. This easy project will use those techniques and have you dreaming up all kinds of variations. Have fun and make several pairs. Everyone will

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Fabric Dome Amulet

I love to use products in new ways. It’s what keeps me interested and it’s what my column in Polymer Café magazine, My Way, is all about. I made a dome out of scrap clay using the Sculpey Hollow Bead Maker without a real clear idea what I’d use it for. A few days later

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The Joy of Scrap Clay

The Joy of Scrap Clay  Teresa Pandora Salgado   Got scrap? I think we all do. Some of my most relaxing times revolve around it. After all, what have you got to lose? I especially love to make Natasha pieces. If you’ve ever made a Natasha bead or pendant, you may have asked yourself, who

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What a Difference a Day Makes

What a Difference a Day Makes by Teresa Pandora Salgado As a caner, I often set aside several days to blend, build and assemble millefiore elements. That’s all well and good I suppose, since the payoff eventually comes in the form of a nice complex cane; but, then I’ve got to start the actual project.

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For the Love of Junque

For the Love of Junque by Teresa Pandora Salgado I remember when Re-purposing was called Recycling. I think recycling was a better word, because our trash and treasures really do go through a cycle, don’t they? The pen holder shown here is a Knott’s Berry Farm jam jar that I lost the lid to. The

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Embracing the Hideous

Embracing the Hideous Teresa Pandora Salgado Keep this to yourself, ok? Sometimes I make some truly ugly canes. No lie, my friends. I blend and blend and reduce and reduce and combine and combine and I manage to create something not only underwhelming, but downright grotesque. Such was the case with the cane used in

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What’s Black and White and Cool All Over?

What’s Black and White and Cool All Over? By Teresa Pandora Salgado We live in a world of wonder and abundance…well, clay-wise that is; and that’s good enough for me! I love having the choice between making complex cane projects that require hours of work, to quick creations that require nothing but clay and cool

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Sculpey Soufflé- The Chameleon of Clay

Sculpey Soufflé-The Chameleon of Clay Right off the bat I’ll admit it. Thoughts of polymer clay and its particular properties dominate way too many of my waking hours. Here’s my rationale, though: I could be worrying about lots of other stuff I can’t control, like climate change, cybercrime, and the catastrophic caloric content of Pop

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The Cane Mutiny: Bending Millefiore

The Cane Mutiny: Bending Millefiore by Teresa Pandora Salgado I love to cane. If not for incidentals such as bathing, eating and sleeping, I’d make cane 24/7. I think it’s because I’m a rebel (ok, a rebel with OCD). I need constant opportunities to experiment and grow, and that’s what millefiore caning allows me to

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