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syndee holt

syndee holt

Does Sculpey look interesting, but you tell yourself you just don’t have time?

Well, syndee holt will prove you wrong. She has worked as an independent polymer clay artist, photographer, and author for over 18 years while maintaining a full time career (she recently retired!) and raising her two sons herself, even caring for her terminally ill father for several years. She wrote her book, Polymer Clay for the First Time, with 4 little boys playing Nintendo behind her and in between laundry and cooking duties. Her bibliography now lists over 100 polymer clay articles in magazines published throughout the world as well as over 35 television appearances. Still don’t think you have time for crafts?


New Color Tuesday! Syn’s Favorite Colors

Oh yeah, definitely one of my favorite mixes!  I absolutely love everyone of these colors.  What a way to add a rich highlight to a black background, or even a texture to a black – using the Gold Glitters.  I’ve used that 16RG/1B mix so often now for my work.  I especially like it for

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NCT June 2015-1a1

New Color Tuesday! The Sunset Lingers

May quit on me before I was done mixing!  So, I’m going to start with a couple of mixes of  Premo! Accents Sunset Pearl with Premo! Accents White Gold and Yellow Gold.  The metallic sheen is so strong, I had to shoot from an oblique angle again so that the colors would really show!  And

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May 2015-4

New Color Tuesday! The Sunset Turns Golden

For the final May mix (What happened to May!!!?! That was quick..)   Anyway, I can’t get 5 words without getting sidetracked apparently. And I did it again, sigh.. I wanted to see what the new Sunset Pearl would look like mixed with a metallic gold, so I picked 18K and started mixing. Not surprisingly,

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May 2015-3

New Color Tuesday! Sunset Bronzes

OK, it was pretty much a no-brainer, given my recent fascination with mixing pinks with greens, that I would have to try it with the new Premo! Accents Sunset Pearl. So I broke out my Bright Green Pearl (which is another color I seemed to have forgotten about lately) and did some mixing.  Wow!  The colors

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May 2015-2

New Color Tuesday – Blue Steel

Okay, what is going on here?  I’m a self-proclaimed life-long hater of pink,  Hey, I had curly bright red hair when I as little and my Mother taught me to abhor pink because of it.  I still don’t like it, but I sure do like to mix with it!  This Sunset Pearl is amazing to

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April final

New Color Tuesday – Old and New Business

First, I’ve got to show you the final panel of colors for last months Passion Flower image.  This was a fun month, because I got to get re-acquainted with the fluorescent clays.  Whenever you need to just pop a color a little brighter, think about reaching for one of these color.  Yellow Fluorescent and Pink

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Apr 2015-1

New Color Tuesday! Playing with Purples

Whow!  Where did this month go?  This is the final posting for April (I almost wrote March- what the heck happened to THAT month?).  I will be in FLA hanging with Alice Stroppel when this posts and getting ready to drive to Fandango. Let’s get to it! First, one of my typical left turns, I

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Apr 2015-3

New Color Tuesday! Rich Woods

Wow, Wow, Wow!  I *may* have mixed my all-time favorite color.  I’m mixing for the wooden fence background of the passion flower photo and I came up with really rich red-browns that almost like a non-metallic copper.                   As an old photo retoucher, I love the shadow

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April 5

New Color Tuesday (For Reals)

So let’s talk about the golds.  Again, we did a little of this mixing for the Moroccan sets, but this time I’m punching it up with Premo! Accents Yellow Fluorescent.  Even though I love the richness of the color mixes with just the Cad Yellow (CY) and the Raw Sienna (RS), I really like the

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New Color Tuesday Bonus Monday

I know, I know – it’s NOT Tuesday, but I was so excited that I had to share this before tomorrow.  Remember last month when I mixed Pink Fluorescent with Wasabi and was shocked at the beautiful orange tints?             Well, I got my hands on some Premo! Accents Bright

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Passion colors

New Color Tuesday! The Greens

Well, well, well, I never cease to surprise myself on how many color tangents I can send myself off on.  I *knew* the colors this month were going to be a challenge and I *knew* I was probably going to enlist the aid of the fluorescents, but I had NO idea I would get so

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Mar 5b

New Color Tuesday! The Final Color Mixes

  Yay!  So let’s get right to it!  I’ve mixed this month’s color palette in BOTH Souffle and Premo for you.  I’ve had a lot of fun taking my (usual) left turns into creating totally unrelated mixes and had some startling (to me, at least) mix combos (I still can’t get over that Premo! Blush/Wasabi

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Mar 4

New Color Tuesday! Jungle Mixes

  So today, I’m going to wrap up the individual color mixes so that next week I can present the final color palette mixes for BOTH Premo! and Souffle.       The green in the color swatch is pretty much straight Premo! Jungle, so I decided to mix Jungle with a couple of the

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gingham bracelet final

Spring-Summer Trend…Gingham!

I diligently search the fashion magazines for trends in fashion that could relate to clay . Seriously, don’t we try to relate EVERYTHING to clay? “look at the wall texture-good for clay” or “I could cane this pattern”..  It seems that one of the biggest trends for Spring/Summer will be gingham!  As well as pale

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Sunset colors

New Color Tuesday! The Sunset Pinks

The sunset pinks are some of the most amazing colors – they are also some of the most short-lived in the sunset.  At my beach, they tend to tint the clouds floating away from the sunset and only right after the sun has finally set – may for 5 minutes or so. The warmer  the

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Mar 3a

New Color Tuesday – Opposites Attract

I’m more than ready to call it quits with this cold/flu. Seriously, it’s been two weeks already and my nose is still running and my cough will not go away.  It’s not keeping me from the clay table though!  I discovered something pretty cool this week when working through my new obsession with Premo! Blush.

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Mar 1c

New Color Tuesday: The Golden Sunset Colors

First, I need to say thanks to the astute reader who pointed out that in my Moroccan final mix, I mistakenly noted Cad Blue instead of Cobalt Blue.  I’ve corrected the blog post.  If you had downloaded the pdf, I’ve corrected it also.  And here I was so proud of myself for FINALLY learning to

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Feb colors final

New Color Tuesday!

I have always really liked the soft blues (almost violets) that you can get by mixing Premo! Ultramarine Blue with Premo! White.  So naturally, I like all these colors!  I picked up a Premo Accents Frost White Glitter instead of the regular white and just as I went to toss it back into my Premo

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Feb 3

New Color Tuesday! 6 Shades of Sunshine

I was going to put this with last weeks Premo! Cad Yellow/Fuchsia mixes, but I thought it would be a lot to look at.  So I decided to present these beautiful colors in their own week. I’ve added Ecru to the mix this week.  As I’ve discovered, Ecru doesn’t just soften a color mix out,

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Feb 2 fuschia

New Color Tuesday – The Tropical Pinks

I’m still working on the sunset colors here and I’m aiming for those orange colors there this week.  I also thought it would be fun to mix Premo!  Cad Yellow with Premo!  Fuchsia to whip up all kinds of tropical colors!  (actually, what I need to do is finally learn to spell Fuchsia the first

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Mix finals

New Color Tuesday-Endless Summer

    I realized that I had really trashed the color Yellow last month and it was weighing on my little clay heart, so I had originally decided to mix with Yellow this month.  Then the first mixes I did, I realized were sunset colors.  Well, hey. I take sunset photos.  So why not pull

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Jan 4 FINALsm

New Color Tuesday: The Moroccan Wrapup

UPDATE:  The blue hue has been changed to the correct name,  Cobalt Blue! Welcome to NCT on Thursday. (see? If I use only the initials for New Color Tuesday, it can be used for a special Thursday edition!) Alright, here are my picks for the Moroccan palette.  I wasn’t originally a fan of the minty

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Jan 4 Souffle all

New Color Tuesday Part II: The Moroccan Souffle

I felt like I had rather slighted the Souffle clays when I nonchalantly mentioned at the beginning of the month that I didn’t need to make mix charts for the Souffle colors because they WERE the Moroccan colors already.  They are jewely colors right out of the package.  But I decided to do a color

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Jan 4 blue all

New Color Tuesday Part I: The Moroccan Blues

(I typed that title and immediately tried to wrap my head around what Moroccan blues music would sound like. Still got the head tilted on that one!) This is going to be a busy week for the NCT blog.  Not only am I presenting the last of the color groups for the Moroccan theme, but

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NCT moroccan earrings sm

Playing in the Scrap Pile

I looked at last week’s mix scraps from the Moroccan red/orange group and I couldn’t just let them sit there.  I really liked this soft purple color that was mixed- it reminds me of Turnip in Souffle (actually, it COULD be Turnip, since it’s in the scrap heap!).  I got these great earring findings at

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Jan 3 Greens all

New Color Tuesday! The Moroccan Greens

I’m love me some greens!  These were really fun, but I have to say that I didn’t get any color really that I may like better than Premo! Spanish Olive.  I also have a little bonus Bright Green Pearl mix at the end of this.  I also have to say bear with me as I

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Jan 2 Reds all

New Color Tuesday! The Moroccan Reds

I know, I know, there are also oranges and yellows.  The Moroccan Warm Tones then?  I love every single color in this palette.  I started with Premo! Raw Sienna then mixed with Premo! Cad Red, Orange and Cad Yellow.  I”m going to split each color mix out individually, so let’s get started shall we?  

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Jan 1 Bronze 1

New Color Tuesday: The Marsalas

Pantone has announced that the Color of the Year for 2015 is Marsala, which is a gorgeous color that goes so well with so many different color palettes.  Plus, it can be metallic or non-metallic.  If you don’t like to mix colors, Premo! Accents Bronze, right out of the package is a pretty darn close

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#10 All the Mai Tai mix colors from July

New Color Tuesday – the Top Ten of 2014

I seem to careen along a creative highway zooming from one challenge to the next, one design to the next, one technique to the next and I don’t often look back. Like that project or post? Too bad, because I’m already zooming off to new ideas and hopefully, new frontiers. Call for Proposals to teach

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Creative Map #4

Creative Map #4 How Hard Can It Be?

Just thought I would pop in and share some of the stuff I’ve been trying to work on when I have a few moments during the holidays.  As you know, I’ve been OBSESSED with mixing the Moroccan colors for the NCT in January.  I started by mixing the Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala.  Well,

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