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Sherman Oberson

Sherman Oberson has been creating with polymer clay for over 35 years! His specialty is sculpting (especially really cool Tiki pieces)! Sherman dabbles in many mediums but finds polymer clay to be the one thing that keeps his creativity going back for more. He also teaches sculpting to students of all ages at local art centers. He is very active in the polymer clay community and serves as the President of the Philadelphia clay guild and as the regional President of the International Polymer Clay Association of the Americas. When he isn’t creating art you can find him traveling, cooking or scouring flea markets for cool finds! Sherman lives in Philadelphia with his husband Pete and his dog Mr. Peabody.

Sculpting 101 by Sherman Oberson

As I mentioned in my last blog post I’ve always been a sculptor. I’ve also been teaching sculpting for a long time. One thing I hear over and over from students is “I can’t sculpt” or “I’m afraid to sculpt. I’m always surprised by it because these aren’t always beginners sometimes it’s people who do

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Thinking Outside the Jewelry Box

When I started working with polymer clay I started sculpting with it. The minute the clay is in my hands that’s my first thought. Imagine my surprise when I joined my local guild. I went to my first meeting and discovered that with the exception of one other person in the guild every single person

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Clayathon 2018 by Sherman Oberson

About 40 years ago while on a business trip my aunt Kathy discovered polymer clay. It was Sculpey original, she brought it home and gave it to me. I was 9 or 10 at the time. I was obsessed with sculpting things out of modeling clay and always sad when they didn’t survive. Little did

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