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Glitter Eyes

Dragon Eye Blog part 1 – Mixing it up

One of my favorite parts of working with the liquid clays is adding powders and inks to get different colors and looks. Aside from the amazing clarity of the Sculpey Clear Liquid Clay is how smooth it pours when powders and inks have been added. After making the batch of eyes used for the project

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NOV NCT 2017-4

New Color Tuesday! It’s All About the Brights Pt 3

I had to try the Fluorescents with a Souffle color right?  Cherry Pie seemed like it was just the ticket – deep, rich color.  I was surprised that the Fluorescent Pink didn’t effect it too much, but the Yellow sure did!  I really like that 1:1 Cherry Pie and Fluorescent Yellow – it’s kind of

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NOV NCT 2017-2

New Color Tuesday! It’s All About the Brights

So Fluorescent.. not normally my cup of tea, but they ARE fun to mix with! And this week I mixed with Premo Orange and I love every one of these mixes!  And I love them all together as well.  I want to paint my walls with these colors, dress in these colors, clay in these

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New Color Tuesday! Doing the Guava Pt 5

Oh yeah, I love me some warm, rich orange tones.  I’ve seen (and photographed ) these colors on my beach so many times.  It’s my favorite time of the day – long shadows and golden dust motes floating everywhere.  Actually, it’s my dog, Annie, favorite time of the day too.  She’s a Sparkle Hound.  She

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Experimenting with Glow-in-the-dark Polymer Clay

Hi, it’s Miranda Farrand of Miranda’s Critters. Yesterday with the help of my mini-me, I experimented with Glow-In-The-Dark or GITD polymer clay. She took notes while I dictated what I was doing. The idea was to discover if any other light clay could be mixed with Sculpey III Glow-in-the-Dark and still retain the glow. For our experiment,

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New Color Tuesday! Doing the Guava Pt 4

I do love to throw colors together that have no business being together.  And sometimes I put together two colors that I THINK should have business with each other and it turns out that they are not having it AT ALL.  For instance, Souffle Guava and Premo Sculpey Accents Peacock Pearl.  I figured I would

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Tips on How to Apply a Basic Patina

Wondering how to “finish” your sculpture to give it more depth? Consider applying a basic patina with an acrylic paint wash. If you read my article last week regarding creative inspiration, it featured a head sculpture in various stages of creation. In this article, I will discuss adding a patina to finish the sculpture. Some

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New Color Tuesday! Doing the Guava Pt 3

Personally, I don’t feel you can ever go wrong with Latte – both the drink and the Souffle clay.  It’s neutral with a bit of a casual attitude – sort of a “I’m so cool I can either be the star of the show or just lay back here and be cool”. I know that

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Put Your Hands to Work to Find Inspiration

Stuck without an idea in mind but a desire to make something anyway? When this state of confusion strikes, put your hands to work with what I call clay doodling. You know? Mindlessly squishing my clay until it starts to take shape into something. I find this to be a great way to getting back

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NCT oct2017-2

New Color Tuesday! Doing the Guava Pt 2

Well, well, well. I’m finally home from my most recent wanderings.  I spent a wonderful couple of days at my home clay guild retreat, Sandy Camp, and then another couple of days up in North County with my brother and his family. I have a “Rule” that I enforce with myself that before I unpack

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New Color Tuesday – Doing the Guava Pt 1

My Souffle stash was feeling a little neglected, so I decided to do some Souffle mixes this month featuring Guava.  Once again, a color that wasn’t really thrilling to me became kind of a star of classy, subtle mixes. Like these three mixes with Souffle Cinnamon – all three mixes are subtle but classy mixes. 

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SEP 2017-4

New Color Tuesday! It’s All About the Sunset Pt 4

I CANNOT BELIEVE IT’S THE END OF SEPTEMBER ALREADY!  While I’m really ready for the hot, humid weather to go away (we are 68-75 all year except for a couple of weeks in Aug/Sep), I don’t want time flying this fast!  I have stuff I still need to do this month – how could this

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SEP 2017-3

New Color Tuesday! It’s All About the Sunset Pt 3

Sunset Pearl and Peacock Pearl – I could just about guess I would get some purplish metallics, right?  Well, I got a little surprise (once AGAIN).  I did indeed get a wonderful steely-looking metallic with the 1:1 mix, but the cool blush color from the 4SP/1PP was really special.  Boy I would love to silkscreen

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New Color Tuesday! It’s All About the Sunset Pt 2

Um, Um, UMM!!  I love me some golden oranges.    In fact my office that I’m sitting in right now is painted a color between the first two mixes.  That final mix is my new favorite yellow mix as well – kind of a maize color?  That mix will look amazing with Peacock Pearl or

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My Version of the popular Pineapple. I added Orange slices and strawberries for a pop of color!

Getting Trendy

by Sherri Kellberg Trends come and go, but 2017’s Cactus motif is still going strong.  Cacti are popping up everywhere in Home Decor, Fashion, and Jewelry. Current trends inspire my polymer clay work all the time. Ring dish bowls are also on trend as they create a safe and trendy place to keep your rings, earrings, and

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New Color Tuesday- It’s All About the Sunset

Sunset Pearl (and Mai Tai in Souffle) are two colors I seem to forget about in my color palettes.  In fact, I seem to forget about the reds pretty much altogether (except for Orange tones that I want to bathe in).  But apparently my cat likes the reds, she kind of tore up the side

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Building a Polymer Clay Cane Collection

by Sherri Kellberg Here is just a small sample of some of my raw polymer clay canes. When the mood strikes me I’ll make a bunch of different canes, I find it relaxing and fun. I usually work on about 3 projects at once. If I get tired of working on one, or can’t

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New Color Tuesday! That Flashy Peacock Pt 5

Okay, this one kind shocked me.  I didn’t think I would get any color, other than a mud look, when I mixed premo! Sculpey Accents Peacock Pearl with premo! Orange.  I not only got colors, I got COLORS. That 4PP/1O mix is a really nice Teal!  Then when I added the 18k Gold to the

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New Color Tuesday! That Flashy Peacock Pt 4

Oh yeah, I couldn’t play with Peacock Pearl without getting Purple Pearl involved too!  Want a Navy Blue Pearl?  Look at that first 1:1 mix!  That is a gorgeous color that would look so classy combined with Silver wouldn’t it? Then of course, the next mix (1PP/2P) creates kind of an ultraviolet metallic color.  And

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New Color Tuesday! That Flashy Peacock Pt 3

Well, since I mixed with a Gold last week, I decided I better give premo! Sculpey Accents Silver and White Gold Glitter their opportunity to show us what they can do when mixed with Peacock Pearl.  Naturally, there is a “Frozen” aspect to all the mixes, but that 1:1 would be gorgeous with Copper or

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By the Seashore

by Sherri Kellberg – Find your crafting inspiration while your relaxing at the beach this Summer. Enjoy all the colors of nature, from the sparkling sand, to colorful shells, and the brilliant blue Gulf waters.         Here are just a few of the premo! clay colors I’ve been working with this Summer.

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Sharing Your Work Online

by Nadia Michaux The internet is a great platform for any polymer clay artist to share their work with the world. I’m an independant artist so I do not have a budget to advertise my miniatures so I fully utilise social media to get new clients. Social media can be great since everyone is practically

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New Color Tuesday! That Flashy Peacock Pt 2

I was so intrigued with the 3 part mixes I did last week using premo! Sculpey Accents Peacock Pearl, Copper  with 18K Gold that I thought I would start with just mixing the Peacock and 18k together to see what happened.  They all mix to a lovely shade of green – that was no surprise.  But

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New Color Tuesday – That Flashy Peacock

I got so fascinated with premo! Sculpey Accents Copper that I had to carry it over into August as well – starting with one of my other favorite Accent colors, Peacock Pearl!  I always say that I see things in a sheet of Peacock Pearl in the way the mica shifts through the clay and

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JUL NCT 2017-4

New Color Tuesday! Ya Got Me Copper Pt 4

First of all, these two colors look really nice together don’t they?  Sunset Pearl is usually a pretty strong color, but the Copper seems to temper it a little. I also love every one of these mixes. They would be gorgeous with a deep Turquoise, or how about premo! Sunshine? Wisteria? Peacock Pearl? ohhh, JUNGLE..

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JUL NCT 2017-3

New Color Tuesday- Ya Got Me Copper Pt 3

I like these!  I don’t know why I like a purplish copper, but I always do.  It would be so gorgeous embossed with a stamp and then highlighted with Gold Pearl Ex or gold paint. Or even in a fall leaf motif as a counter to the warmer colors of the season. (but what do

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JUL NCT 2017-2a

New Color Tuesday! Ya Got Me Copper Pt 2

This one was interesting….I mean, I expected a little green to come out because that seems to happen whenever I mix ANYTHING with premo! Sculpey Accents Peacock,  but the two middle colors?  I think that they are super cool metallics – what perfect colors for picture frames, draw pulls, even a different bezel color than

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JUL NCT 2017-1

New Color Tuesday (on a Wednesday)

I figured we would all be outside enjoying the holiday yesterday, so I decided to wait until today to post the NCT for this week!  Well, I’ve done it again, become infatuated with a color that has languished in my clay locker forEVER.  premo! Sculpey Accents Copper has always been the red-haired stepchild to my

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JUN NCT 2017-4

New Color Tuesday – A Little Goes a Long Way Pt 4

Well, it just doesn’t feel like a NCT month without a Glitter Gold mix as well!  These last two mixes take me back to the 60s – they look like a kind of glittery avocado green. I imagine a vase with this sitting on the end table to accent the gold, orange and avocado green

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