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Nadia Michaux

Nadia Michaux is a professional polymer clay artist who specializes in creating realistic miniature food models. She is a contributor to Barron’s How to Make Polymer Clay Charms book. Her passion for toys led her to open “Littlest Sweet Shop” in 2012, where Nadia creates and sells food for dolls and dollhouses.

Nadia’s aim is to recreate all of her favourite food in miniature form. She strives to make them look as realistic as possible by combining different types of clay and media.

When she is not modelling, Nadia enjoys her daily routine of walking the dog and cooking. She lives in a village in the English countryside where the nature and surroundings often inspire her work. Her other hobbies include classical ballet and roller-skating.

Using Different Types of Sculpey for Miniatures

Sculpey Clays and premo! is great because it comes in so many colours which is a dream come true for any artist. However there are different types of polymer clay and you should always take this into consideration depending on what sort of finish you want your project to be in. As a miniaturist, I

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Let’s Talk About Molds

by Nadia Michaux “Let’s talk about Molds” Molds can be a very important tool for a clayer. It helps you achieve uniformity and even helps you sculpt something complex in an instant. You can buy molds but you can also make your own molds just as easily. For a miniaturist like me, it is a very

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My Studio – Nadia Michaux

In my last blog post I showed the main tools I use to make and create my miniature world. Today you will be given a tour around my studio/workshop where all the magic is created.               I share the space with my walk-in wardrobe which is located on the

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Tools that you will need to make miniature food by: Nadia Michaux

There are so many types of Polymer Clay artists/hobbyists out there and each of us use different types of tools and equipment that suits us best. My work is primarily focused on making miniature food and these are some of the tools that I use. Polymer Clay is a great medium and tools will improve

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Anglian Polymer Clay Guild Recap by Nadia Michaux

Last year I wrote about my Anglian Polymer Clay Guild meet-up. We are a group of polymer clay enthusiasts based around East Anglia (in Great Britain) and we do a bi-monthly gathering to share demonstrations (and support each other in the craft). For the most recent meet-up, we decided to call it the ‘Colour Workshop’

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Spring has Sprung! by Nadia Michaux

Celebrate warmer days by making cute food miniatures inspired by signs of fresh new life.               Make sure you make plenty of painted Easter eggs (with just using scrap clay – you will get amazing effects) and prepare chocolate bunnies made from Premo Burnt Umber clay. Just make sure you

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Valentine’s Day treats made with love and clay

    For a polymer clay artist, celebrations are great since it lets us become creative with a particular theme. I was able to create a fantastic Valentine’s Day scene by making a variety of clay miniatures.           To make these mini sponge heart cakes, mix Ultralight clay with some colour

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Sculpt miniatures and turn them into accessories! by Nadia Michaux

I have sculpted plenty of miniatures in my lifetime and they are usually made for dollhouse hobbyists and dolls.           If you are not interested in dollhouses or dolls, you can always turn the miniatures into wearable accessories. These accessories make great gifts for food lovers or anyone who fancies quirky

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My Inspirations by Nadia Michaux

 Littlest Sweet Shop is a world that I have created to showcase my miniature work. I wanted to have something that would stand out in the sea of other talented miniature artists so I made a sweet shop diorama to display my work and brought it to life. In order to create something that was

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Anglian Polymer Clay Guild Meeting

Anglian Polymer Clay Guild Meeting The Anglian Polymer Clay Guild holds its bi-monthly meeting at a Village Hall in Wortham (East Anglia, England). Members can volunteer to give demonstrations of their polymer clay speciality. This time it was Shelly’s turn to show us how to make her adorable fairies. She showed us how to make

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