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Miranda Farrand

Miranda Farrand

I’ve never really grown up. I’m still a kid at heart and I think that reflects in the goofy, crazy critters that I make and sell in my etsy shop, and on Facebook at MirandasCritters. I love things that are whimsical and silly. I make it a point to find something to laugh at each day and I believe a smile is the greatest free gift you can give. My love for art started as a child scribbling funny pictures for my mom and dad and morphed into finding my “therapy” in arts and crafts as an adult. Besides playing with polymer clay, my interests lie in photography, quilting and writing. I’m happy to say that all of my children love making things too and my youngest is following in my footsteps making silly critters and drawings. I’m a wife and a mother to three human children and two dogs.

I grew up on a little dairy farm nestled in the Ozarks of Southern Missouri. While I’m now several states away from there, it’s still the home of my heart. I keep my heart close to home by frequently going to the walking parks near my home. I feel that I have an awesome sense of humor. Some find it childish but I think that’s what keeps me feeling young.


Trying My Hand at Teaching

Have I ever mentioned that I love my jobs? Wife, mother, artist and…administrative work at a local retirement community. When I got the opportunity to combine my clay passion with spending time having fun with the elders that I get to serve at my day job, it was a truly heart-warming experience. My good friend,

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He”art”felt Expressions

One of my greatest joys as an artist is the sharing of my love of art with my children. My youngest child never misses an opportunity to deliver custom-made “to: Mommy-mail”. She recently paired up a polymer clay heart that she made (age 6) with a letter that she wrote to me. Needless to say,

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Homemade Texture Tool

I’m pretty sure it comes from necessity, that as a mother, I need to be able to cram a lot of tasks into a small amount of time. When it comes to my critter sculpting it’s no different. I made this simple texture tool from left-over scrap clay and 20 gauge craft wire. I’ve used

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Boo-Boo Turkey

How to Fix a Boo-Boo

It happens to the best of us. You get in a hurry and forget to check for air bubbles that sometimes form between your clay and the armature of your critter body. Everything looks okay on the surface of things, then the next thing you know, you’re pulling a critter out of the oven that

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From Mess to Masterpiece…or Something like That

Recently a newfound clay friend posted a picture of a neat little organizer that would keep each package of opened clay pristine & clean & easy to use. In the ensuing conversation, I said that I keep mine in a jumbled mess tossed willy-nilly into gallon-sized zip lock bags by color family (greens, blues, browns,

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