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Sculpey Daisy Wine Glasses

Oopsy Daisy Wine Glasses

Summertime means garden and backyard fun.  With the upcoming gatherings for family and friends, I created these festive wine glasses to spread some happy.  They are super easy to make and would be fantastic as a bridal shower gift (or favor) as well as a friendship surcee.                

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Valentine’s Day with Clay

Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays for creating fun projects.  Here are THREE easy peasy ones that you can do with Bake Shop clay and use for decor or card giving.  I think that hand made items are always meaningful but even more so for this season of love.  Bake Shop clay is

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New Year’s Memory Jar

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to make new plans and create a bigger and more amazing vision for life.  This New Year’s Memory Jar is a perfect way to document the memories throughout the year that you most want to remember.  It is fun to create and has such a

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I’d Melt For You Snowman Ornament

Wintertime is such a fun time for creating things that can be used seasonally and for the holidays.  This ornament is great for both.  I know that I love snowmen and the whole idea of them.  I love that they are practically magically and that the water that creates the snow cycles through and can

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Halloween Party Pumpkin Decorations

Halloween is such a creative holiday.  With the changing of the seasons and the excitement of dressing up and treats, many people throw parties to celebrate.  These Halloween party pumpkin decorations are great to do before a party as decor or at a party as a craft activity.  I used Sculpey Bake Shop for these

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Glow in the Dark Pets

Glow in the Dark Clay Jar Pets

These glow in the dark jar pets are perfect for the fall holiday season.  They are made with Sculpey Glow in the Dark Clay in just a few simple steps.   To make the individual creatures in the jars,  I hand molded the glow in the dark clay.  I created a standing piece for each

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Clay in the Classroom DIY Manipulatives

Clay in the Classroom – DIY Manipulatives

Classroom manipulatives are used across the entire curriculum in the early grades.  While there are many different kinds out there to be purchased (and many more from kitchen drawers at home), it is really fun to make them to specifically fit your needs.  Using clay in the classroom is a way to involve your students

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Sculpey Puppets for the Classroom Laura Kelly

Clay in the Classroom – Learning Through Puppets

Puppets in the classroom are a great way to accomplish so many different learning strategies.  From simple story telling to problem solving, puppets allow students an opportunity to share in a way that gives them confidence and character.  For day number for of the series Clay in the Classroom, I am so thrilled to share

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Bake Shop Clay Letters in the Classroom Laura Kelly

Clay in the Classroom – Fun with Letters

It is day three of the Clay in the Classroom series and today I am sharing some fun ways to work with letters using Bake Shop clay.  Letters are such a huge part of the earliest years of school and finding ways to teach children who are mostly kinesthetic learners can be fun but challenging.  Using

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Bake Shop Beads for Classroom Management Laura Kelly

Clay in the Classroom – Classroom Management Beads

It is the second day of sharing fabulous ways to use clay in the classroom.  Kids love love love to play with clay.  It is such a great way for them to create.  This activity is awesome because it supports your students in having a little bit f ownership in the classroom management system.  The

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Mold Matchings Clay in the Classroom Laura Kelly

Clay in the Classroom – Mold Matchings

I am so exited to be sharing with you this WHOLE WEEK LONG with ways to use clay in the classroom.  For this first day I am sharing a project that is equally excited for kids to create as it is for them to use as a tool for learning.  Using clay to create molds

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Chore Chart Back to School Sculpey

Back to School with Sculpey

It is back to school time and I have created an easy peasy project that you can do with your students or children to support successful transitions and learning.  Kiddos do great with progress charting and measurement of their good decisions.  This chart is bound to be super helpful and making it is really fun!

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Clay Rainbow Confetti Jar

Somewhere Over The Clay Rainbow

Rainbows are so bright, colorful and fun to create.  This rainbow makes a great decoration for a jar but would also work fantastic as part of a wrapped gift, an ornament or the accent piece of a wreath.  I used my fave clay, Bake Shop, to make this one and had a ball doing it.

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Clay Easter Jewelry by: Laura Kelly Walters

It’s springtime (well almost) and with the season comes Easter, baby animals and planting gardens.  Clay Easter jewelry is a fun way to create accessories to celebrate the season and have some crafty fun at the same time.  For all of these pieces, I used the Bake Shop clay. I used my art portfolio for

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Hoppy Valentines Day Frog

This Hoppy Valentines Day Frog is adorable and simple to create.   It is great for a little love gift or holiday decor. I used my designs for inspiration along with a new package of Bake Shop clay. To make the frog, I did the following… Roll the green around until it is soft then

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Wintertime Fairy Village

This tiny wintertime fairy village was so fun to create and set up.  I made it with Bake Shop since I was working with kiddos and this clay is the best for them (according to me anyway). I hand molded the houses first.  Then I added the roofs to them.  If you want to make

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Turkey Bake Shop Clay

Gobble Gobble Place Card Turkeys

These gobble gobble place card turkeys are adorable and fun to create.  Because they are simple, the project works well for beginners and kids alike.  I love this because not only is the completed masterpiece cute and festive but also practical. I used Sculpey’s Bake Shop to make these.  All of the pieces are hand

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Spooky Note Clips with a Matching Printable

These spooky note clips with a matching printable are awesome sauce adorable and really simple to create.  I used the Bake Shop clay because, well because I love it so much. To get inspiration, I consulted my portfolio. I used my fingers to hand mold all of the pieces then stuck large metal paper clips

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Story Telling from the Cosmic Cafe

Wow, school is about to start again!  Having spent the summer with many of my teacher friends and fellow bloggers, I have been in many discussions about the value of children expressing themselves through story telling with imagination and creativity.  I dug into my licensing portfolio and put together a little story starter set for

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Fairy Garden Fun with Clay

We love fairies here in our house and we believe in the magic.  With springtime around the corner, we created some fun new pieces to add to our family fairy garden with Bake Shop clay. The little mushroom house was inspired from my Fairy collection in my portfolio. To create it, we hand formed the

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Sculpey Popcorn BOx SC

EEK! It’s a Spider Celebrating the Halloween Popcorn Box Party

This is the second year of the Halloween Popcorn Box Blog Party where designers create boxes and share their creativity in an online party.  Check out what you can do with a little Sculpey III… This one features an adorable clay spider made with Scupley III clay that I designed and shared on a tutorial

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Sculpey TTT

Boo! It’s Claytime Playtime with Halloween Tic Tac Toe

I LOVE the autumn season and get a little crazy when it comes to creating projects, games and fun for Halloween. This claytime playtime Halloween Tic Tac Toe is so simple and fun to make…and to play! I used Pluffy clay for this creation. I rolled the orange into 5 small balls and then pushed

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BTS Sculpey Jars

School Time Sculpey Clay Organizer Jars

Wowza, where did the summertime go?  It’s crazy to believe but it is already time to be thinking about getting ready to go back to school.  In our house that means we are organizing and shopping for supplies first because we LOVE that part best.  We also love to take our new teachers fun things

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Sculpey Pirate Pets

Summer Fun Claytime on Pirate Island

It is summer time and often that means finding things to do indoors on days when it is toooo hot or tooooo wet to be outside.  Here is a really fun project that you can do using Sculpey’s fabulous Bake Shop clay.  This product is a bit softer to work with and great for kids. 

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Adorable Clay Spring Chick Decorations

Easter is right around the corner and as the weather starts to think about warming up I am ready to decorate and add some touches of adorable fun to my home.  I made these adorable spring chicks using the designs in my licensing portfolio to get started and can’t wait to share them. The first

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