Katie Oskin

Katie Oskin

Katie Oskin lives in the woods of north-west Pennsylvania with her husband, dog, & cat. Her talent thrives in a world of make-believe fantasy where everything is filled with laughter, joy, and fun. This reality what brings her polymer clay creations to life. She is renowned for Parker© & Lolly©, adoptable in her Etsy shop,, as well as her whimsical character creations that she brings to life in her dedicated polymer clay studio.
She has been working with polymer clay since 2008 and has explored every technique published. Though her main love with clay is sculpting (both whimsical and realistic designs), a close second is mixed media applications with polymer. Addicted to color, rarely does she make a piece that isn’t vibrant & bold. Katie has a love for teaching both in her studio and online. Parker’s Clayful Tutorial Club offers character tutorials every month for members, you can find out more at
She has partnered with accomplished artists such as Christi Friesen in 2013 for The Friesen project, Lisa Pavelka for the 2015 Pavelka Project, is a teacher for the 2015 & 2016 Polymer Clay Adventure Retreats, guest teacher for B’Sue Boutiques, & is a freelance designer for Polyform. Become acquainted with Katie, and explore her hundreds of free tutorials, or sign up for her membership exclusive club at

Finding Your Routine to Enhance Your Creativity by KatersAcres for Polyform

Finding Your Routine is Essential to the Creative Process

Finding Your Routine Finding your routine for a creative person is essential. A routine can help us settle in. Routine can help us to automatically perceive things about our environment. Today we are going to discuss finding your routine to help you in your creative process.

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POLYFORM - Colors of Spring

Colors of Spring are Bold, Vivid, & Bright!

Bold, Vivid, & Bright, Colors of Spring Colors of spring are those colors that make me feel happy, bouncy, and rejuvenated. Are there certain colors that you automatically gravitate to because of the way that they make you feel? Let’s look at some tried and true spring colors to liven up your spring palettes.

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How to Spring Clean Your Studio by KatersAcres for Polyform Products

How to Spring Clean Your Studio Easily and Efficiently

How to Spring Clean Your Studio Spring clean your studio easily, quickly, and efficiently. These tried and true tips that will take you from danger zone to comfort zone in less than 30 minutes. The arrival of spring not only makes me want to clay my days away, but it also makes me want to clean!

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Oven Safe Bakeables

Bakeable Mixed Media Products

All month I have been addressing the ever important question, “what can I use with polymer clay” here on the blog. Today we are going to discuss not what you can use on polymer, but what exactly polymer can go on… In other words, here’s a short list of things that can safely go in

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Polymer Clay & Mixed Media

What is Polymer Clay Mixed Media?

This month, I have been focusing on helping each of you understand how polymer clay might work and mix with other craft products. By definition, polymer clay that has anything done to it instantly becomes a “mixed media” project, piece, or design. So whether you add something on the surface of the clay or add it

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Products You Can Safely Use with Polymer Clay

Products You Can Use on Polymer Clay

Products You Can Use Safely with Polymer Clay This month I am taking some time to talk about mixed media. In order to make mixed media work for polymer clay, you have to know the things that do work and the things that don’t work. Today I’m going to help narrow down your search in the

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KatersAcres Polymer Clay Studio

Polymer Clay and Staying Organized

Organizing Your Polymer Clay Studio   I don’t know about you, but one of the parts of crafting that is the hardest is becoming (and staying) organized. This month I’m going to be writing about a lot of mixed media applications for polymer clay that you may not have considered or thought to try before.

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Fluffy Bird Polymer Clay Tutorial by KatersAcres for Polyform

Fluffy the Bird

Polymer Clay Fluffy Bird Tutorial Just in time for spring, this adorable little “fluffy bird” can be made in any color of your choice!

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The Importance of Keeping a Polymer Clay Journal

  Many have wondered if they should be keeping a polymer clay journal. In my opinion, I think a polymer clay journal is essential for cataloging where you’ve been, where you’re going, and how you might get there. Think of it as a little “glimpse” into your studio over time.   What Kind of Things

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Saint Patrick's Day Pendants & Pins by KatersAcres (Katie Oskin)

Using Holidays As Inspiration

… Luck O’ The Irish … Do you have to be Irish to be lucky? Probably not. But the season of Saint Patrick’s Day is a great example of how you can be creative. Many artists & clayers struggle with where to get their inspiration. Some draw inspiration from magazines, here on the Sculpey site,

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