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Jenny Sorensen loves to sculpt anything her heart desires using a mix of creativity, fantasy, sparkle, and imagination.  Based in Colorado, Jenny has worked with Sculpey polymer clays for over 25 years, and has been delighted by the colorful medium since she was young.  Jenny attended art school, but is entirely self taught when it comes to polymer clay. In 2015 Jenny launched her clay studio, Wishing Well Workshop, where she enjoys creating what she calls, “dimensional illustrations”, mostly focusing on fantasy art.  She spends time conceptualizing her whimsical designs by using her knowledge of structure, composition and color to provide truly one-of-a-kind sculptures. She loves using natural elements like stones and driftwood she’s collected from her beloved Montana because she believes that her favorite place should have a place in her art.  Jenny Sorensen says her purpose on earth is to create and share, and she finds true joy when she shares her ideas with others through her polymer clay workshops, demonstrations, and lessons across the country.  

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