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My name is Rachel Hateley, otherwise known as Creative Rachy online, and I have been making creations using polymer clay since 2012. For me, polymer clay is a hobby on the side of my full-time career being a primary school teacher. My style of polymer clay art is very colorful and kawaii as I make YouTube tutorials of my charms and occasionally sell my creations. My favorite part about using polymer clay is being able to teach others online by sharing different processes and techniques. 
I came across polymer clay on deviantArt where I posted lots of photos and one of the artists I followed posted a picture of clay creation she had made and I was so fascinated by it! I asked her about it in the comments and when she told me she made it herself out of polymer clay, of course my first instinct was to go online and research all about it. I ended up receiving a few blocks of Sculpey shortly after for my 16th birthday and from there my love of polymer clay has grown!

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