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Carole Monahan-Kampfe

Carole Monahan-Kampfe

Carole started working with polymer clay almost by accident. She and her daughter Cathryn were house cleaning and they discovered some craft supplies which included some polymer clay. Well… not much cleaning got done that day after this discovery!

It all started with a little bird, Wort the Worry bird. He was made to cheer up a friend who was going through a really tough time. Carole told her Wort would help her with all her woes. Everyone who saw this little bird Wort: aka the blue bird of happiness HAD to have one as well! Then Wort was joined by his cousin LUCKY DUCKY. Lucky was made for the sole purpose to raise funds for the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society.

Carole Was diagnosed with MS in 2003, she has found that working with the clay is great occupational therapy and cognitive therapy to help with the hand and muscle cramps that come with her illness.

She has been working with polymer ever since her first encounter with it. She has since authored tutorials for Polymer Café, Her first was Bambooya beads April 2012 and her latest tutorial is Mobious Mass October 2013 issue.

Carole never gets bored with the possibilities of polymer clay and feels “Compelled” to keep working with this medium because her well of ideas never run out!

This is Walter my Seahorse- asuarus  That I made with a class I took with Doreen Kassel at Art is You mixed media retreat

Live love LAUGH and Learn

Since 2014 I have called “the year of the Sponge” I wanted to learn as much as I could from as many resources that I could! I went to my 1st ever Clay ConneCTion with my Southern Connecticut Polymer clay guild.See all our fun and pictures on the Guild Facebook page I devoured books as

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I got to finally meet Iris in person at my Guild's Clay ConneCTion 2014

Sure Sculpey is great but………..

Sculpey is great but the people who use it and love it are EVEN BETTER! I went to my 1st ever Clay ConneCTion Retreat! This event is hosted by my local guild. Southern Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild. Here is our facebook page to see ALL the fun we had a the retreat .  

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Premo scrap bracelet

NEVER Scrap an idea !

I’m thrifty — well I will just say it I’M CHEAP and proud of it !!! Heck I used to use tea bags twice! (there are the expensive ones to defend myself) That is one of the reasons why I LOVE polymer clay so much. There is little to nothing wasted. Some of my favorite pieces

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Life is like a box of Premo

  You never know what you can make of it! I wanted to discuss all the possibilities of Sculpey Polymer clay. As I was doing the rough draft for this I realized I was channeling Bubba from Forrest Gump. You got your Mokume Gane polymer clay You got your Millefioro cane polymer clay You got

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Creative Journey Totem

My Creative Journey

My Creative Journey     This is my Creative Journey totem I made in 2012. The techniques I used are very simple- just molded items. I put little springs under the stars to give them movement and I used glow in the dark clay for my moon. I still giggle EVERY time it glows at night.

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From Dreams to Designs

I truly identified with Polymer clay the 1st time I picked it up. It just” felt right”! Anything I have dreamed up I have pretty much been able to shape into reality. The best thing about polymer clay is the people that use it and love it! Everyone I have met and interacted with in

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