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Amy Koranek

My name is Amy Koranek and I was brought up in a rural Illinois community called Olney.

My love of combining colors, intricate design, and playful patterns has only grown since my childhood. I experimented my way through almost every art form I could get my hands on. But it wasn’t until my husband, Tom, and I were on our honeymoon that I stumbled upon the medium that would define my art, and has for the past 20 plus years – polymer clay. In working with polymer clay I find that all my creative needs are met – it’s tactile, colorful, perfect for intricate designs, and pattern-making, textures easily, and is instantly gratifying because of its quick curing time.

Caning Library

For my first few years of experimenting with polymer clay, I didn't even try to make millefiori canes. Then again, I refused to use a pasta machine too, go figure… Once I did start caning, that was all I wanted to do! I soon got to a place where I had created loads of canes

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Clay Collecting

Over the weekend, my family and I visited the local Sugar Creek Arts Festival held annually in Uptown Normal, IL. My 7 year old mistakenly thought we were going to the "Sugar Free Taco Bell" (not the Sugar Creek Arts Festival) but that's for a whole 'nother blog. My husband splurged on 3 polymer clay

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Fabric Fascination

Besides loving all things polymer clay, I am extremely fascinated by fabric. I am very oftenly inspired by the prints and the patterns and the color combinations that tantalize my eyes through fabric. I could go on and on about how much I love fabric and fabric stores and shopping for fabric… But since this

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Reworking Canes

       I've been cleaning out my cane stash and thinking about ways to inspire myself to use up some of my old canes. I decided to re-work some of them into new canes.        I had an abundance of chrysanthemum canes that I gave a makeover. I changed them into rectangular shapes and put them

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And Now a Word About Organization

             Now I've done it… I've basically invited the whole polymer clay community into my studio, and you know what they're gonna find out… I'm just not that organized! You'd think with 3 filing drawers, 26 storage drawers and 30 cabinets, I'd have "a place for everything and everything in its place." Well, I do

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Welcome to my home studio, wish you were here.

    Welcome to my home studio. I am one of the most fortunate artists I know of because my husband is so supportive of my art (habit, addiction, whatever you wanna call it). A couple years ago Tom decided that my studio needed to be remodeled and I'd like to share how awesomely he remodeled

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Ornaments Through the Years Continued

  2009 found me making Santa's sleigh. My husband designed the metal cutter that I used to create the sleigh shapes.     Cookies for Santa plates was the theme of the 2010 ornament. I used silver paint pens to highlight the edges of the plates and put the name and date on.    

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Ornaments Through the Years

  I know it's the New Year and we are all ready to move on to new things, but on New Year's Day, when I took my Christmas tree down, I went reminiscing through my collection of polymer clay ornaments. Shortly after moving to this small rural community in 2000, I was commissioned by the

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