by Jana Honnerova

If being an artist is your goal – you have to concentrate on every single detail of your work. Or even make it better than others…. I will write about the back side of the jewelry in this blog. When I started making jewelry, I was a newbie. I concentrated mostly on creating one-sided patterns and easy completion. I learned basic techniques and I tried to sell jewelry on local markets -and that wasnt easy!  People in my country mostly buy depending on price and colour, but that wasn’t the direction I wanted to go. So the next few years I concentrated about every single detail of my work. And there is still much more to learn! What changed the most by the time was the back side of my pieces

Some of my back sides are very creative recently, because when I make a pendant, I want the back side interesting, too. Because pendants are turning all the time, right? In an ideal case, pendants should be reversible with matching or different design. I try to make very precise and clean back sides.

Sometimes I use a Skinner blend on the backside

Sometimes I use a contrasting (but color coordinated) pattern

In some cases, the piece has literally no back side, and the design is not disturbed by anything else but your signature. I impress my specific JH logo Together with a little heart into my pieces.

In the case of very small pieces I left only the heart. It is great to have pieces signed, but better if you have your very own recognizable style, of course.

Don’t forget to make also the sides (edges) of the pieces very clean and smooth, it is not comfy when the jewelry is scratching or stinging with sharp edges. I simply slide my thumb on the edges when making back side to smooth them. Everything is slow and easy process, but the result worth it.

The back side of your jewelry is not only the place where you attach brooch pin or loop to string on, it is also place for your signature or a spot for your personal message. The back side is kind of a secret between you and the customer, in this blog I revealed you some of them!