Polymer Clay Tip: What To Consider When Selecting a New Project

There’s a few things to know when selecting a new project … First thing’s first however. You’ve decided that you want to work with polymer clay. Congratulations! Polymer clay is one of the greatest mediums (in my humble opinion) in the art world. There are literally thousands of projects, ideas, and designs you can make with polymer. Often getting started on a new project (or finding it) is the hardest part. The advent of the internet has brought a wealth of creative choices to our fingertips. However, wading through all of them is often the hardest part of the battle. Today I’m going to help you navigate the choices you have of selecting the project you need and the project you want.

What to Consider When Selecting a New Project

  1. Polymer Clay Tip: What To Consider When Selecting a New ProjectWhat Is Your Project For? Determining what your project is for will help to narrow the scope of your project. For example if your project is for Mother’s Day, then creating something your Mom would like would be the most important aspect.
  2. What Type of Project Do You Want? This is purely personal preference. Perhaps you really like caning. Maybe you are good at sculpting. Perhaps you’d like to make miniatures for a doll house. Maybe mixed media is more your style. Whatever you’d prefer, that is they type of project you need to be searching for. Why search for jewelry projects if you already know you don’t like to make jewelry?!
  3. How Much Time Do You Have? This is often the most overlooked part of a project. Often as artists and hobbyists, we love to bite off more than we can chew. We love to plan and design big projects with lots of details. Here’s the problem for the majority of us, when push comes to shove we either a) get tired b) run out of time or c) run out of materials. Be sure when choosing a project you can accurately estimate the amount of time it will take to complete it, leave some wiggle room, and plan accordingly.
  4. Do You Have the Materials? This next step is equally as important as many of us are on budgets. Budgets are important because they allow us to live within our means. This means that we’re not spending more than we make. Translation? Before you set out to do a project, if you’re on a budget, make sure you already have the necessary materials that are required for a particular project. Many tutorials/projects list out the materials, supplies, and tools for you so you know what you will need before beginning a project. Take this into consideration as some of those items may not be substitutable for finishing your project.

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