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Looking to make something amazing or learn a new technique?
You are in the right place.

Just getting started or looking to improve your skill?

Project Videos Technique Tutorials

New Projects

Premo Clays and Liquid Clay Team Up to Create a “Blessed” Canvas Wall Hanging
Souffle Sculpey Hexagon Tiled Trinket Box
Liquid Sculpey and Souffle Clay Team Up for a Textured Pendant
Premo Accents Gift Tags with Candy Cane Letters
Sculpey Precious Pet Keepsake Ornament
Sculpey III Wild Heart Textured Earrings

Jewelry & Fashion

Dive into the possibilities of polymer clay jewelry-making! Purchase our Sculpey® products and explore our project pages to begin your creative endeavors today.

Premo! Subtly Bright Carved Necklace

Home Decor

There’s nothing like classic, modern or rustic decorations adorning your house, and it’s the best when your photo frames, mason jars, candlesticks and other household décor comes from your own hands. With our Sculpey® clay varieties, there’s so much to imagine and create!

Sculpey Soufflé Party Cheese Markers


Creating crafts with polymer clay can be collaborative fun for kids and adults! Whether you’re a teacher, parent, babysitter or eager volunteer, try our Pluffy™, Sculpey® III or other kid-specific polymer clay lines to get your youngsters interested and to make memorable items you can keep yourself.

Sculpey® III Emoji Flushed Face Key Fob

Paper Crafting and Mixed Media

Our Sculpey® clay varieties are great for incorporating into paper crafting and other types of mixed media. Try using this versatile, bakeable clay in collages, on Valentine’s Day Card boxes, on scrapbook covers, to add flat ornaments to Christmas cards and more!

Premo! Steampunk Moth

Sculpting and Figurines

Super Sculpey "Maggie"

Holiday and Seasonal

Sculpey Soufflé Happy Haunting Door Wreath


Original Sculpey Gnome and Mushroom