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2019 Designer Endorsement Program


Polyform Products is please to offer Product Endorsements for the following product lines:

Original Sculpey®   Sculpey® Pluffy™
Super Sculpey®  Sculpey® Bake Shop
Sculpey® III    premo® Sculpey®
Sculpey® Liquid Bakeable Medium   premo® Sculpey® Accents
Model Air     Sculpey® UltraLight
Super Sculpey® Living Doll™  Sculpey® Soufflé™
Sculpey® Bake N Bend


The Designer Endorsement Fee is paid for published step-by-step projects in magazines, including International magazines. Article must include a supply list, and step-by-step photos and instructions.

    • All projects articles must refer to our products by name. Be Specific! 
    • Project article must list the name, registered or trademarked, and code numbers for the colors you have used, i.e., Sculpey III® White 001. Polyform should not be included in the brand name.
    • Approved Polyform products listed above must be the major focus of the project. (A Sculpey nose on a stitched snowman will not qualify for an endorsement.)
    • Endorsement fees will not be paid if competing brand names (Fimo, Cernit, Pardo, Friendly Clay, Kato Clay, Makins Clay, etc.) are named in the same project.

Endorsement Schedule

These fees are paid if all Endorsement Criteria are met


Base Payment

Magazine Circulation


Up to 350,000 (Stampington Publications, BHG, The Polymer Arts, etc. )


All International Publications

Bonus Opportunities

$50 bonus for any project placed on the front cover of a publication with at least 350,000 circulation. 


Base Payment           



250,000 + Subscribers (Fave Crafts, Meredith etc.)  

Special Product Bonus

$75 Bonus for projects that are at least 40% Sculpey® Liquid Bakeable Clay


Books published specifying use of Polyform oven-bake clays only will be eligible for a one time endorsement of $200.00. General polymer clay books that specify Polyform is some projects but not all are not eligible for an endorsement.

Mailing Instructions

To receive the endorsement fee, send a tear sheet within 3 months of publication date to:

Jennifer Courington

Polyform Products

1901 Estes Avenue

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


Additional Stipulations

Projects commissioned for by Polyform Products and paid for by Polyform do not qualify for additional endorsements.

  •        Blog posts are not eligible for payment
  •        Social media posts/shares/features are not eligible for payment
  •        Polyform Products reserves the full right to decline an endorsement request at its discretion.


Questions or Comments?

Contact: Jennifer Courington at: [email protected]

Polyform Products Company

1901 Estes Avenue

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


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