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clay pricingClay Pricing

Whether it’s creating crafty home décor, experimenting with mixed media for projects or molding fun figurines, the possibilities are endless when it comes to polymer clay. It’s pliable, fun to use, easy to enjoy and long-lasting.

There’s never any need to worry about the price of polymer clay, because here at Sculpey, it’s affordable, accessible and comes in multiple varieties. A little clay also goes a long way. People are often surprised by how many projects they can get done with just a 2oz. bar of clay. Here’s some information on pricing of our clay lines:

Original Sculpey®

An American classic, Original Sculpey® clay is the much-loved choice of parents, kids and educators across the country. The first oven-bake clay to be introduced into the polymer world, it’s as workable, pliable and soft as ceramic clay but it never dries out or cracks, so it lasts and lasts.

Use Sculpey® in the classroom for holiday crafts, at home to create custom décor and jewelry or whenever the creative instinct strikes. It’s also great for mixed media and can be sanded, carved, drilled and decorated with glaze and paint for masterpieces all your own. At $9.99 per pound, it’s cost-effective creativity! 

Super Sculpey®

With its ceramic-like nature and superb conditioning capabilities, Super Sculpey® surpasses the expectations of sculptors, clay-lovers and crafters. Especially perfect for figurine sculpting, doll-making, artists and animating purposes, this polymer clay possesses unique characteristics that allow for detailing and fine detail without filling in.

Soft and workable, it can serve as the basis for molds, the inspiration for sculptures or the creative palette of crafters. You can also sand, drill and carve it after baking. And you’ll be delighted with this polymer clay’s cost of $15.99 per pound.

Sculpey® III

Dive into the world of clay crafting with Sculpey® III! Soft, pliable and easy to form, this medium is great for beginners, kids and anyone else who loves to craft. You can store Sculpey® III and save it for later to reuse — and it won’t dry out or lose its soft texture until you bake it at home. Try it for only $2.49 per 2 oz. bar.

Premo! Sculpey®

Our Premo! Sculpey® clay line is beautiful, blendable and perfect for creating unique patterns and textures. Soft, pliable and flexible, Premo! is also firm and durable. Its versatile and enhanced nature makes it the ideal material for fine detail and specialized techniques like caning, mica shift and mokume gane. With regular varieties and pearlized, metallic, glitter, granite, translucent and fluorescent options, create reflective structures, gorgeous craft jewelry, faux semi-precious stones and home décor that will dazzle.

At just $2.79 per 2 oz., the price of Premo! Sculpey® clay will delight you as much as its creative possibilities.

Sculpey® Souffle

If you’re a beadmaker or jewelry crafter, Sculpey® Soufflé™ is perfect for you. Lightweight but durable and ideal for detail work, this polymer clay is suited to advanced jewelry-making techniques like bargello, caning and mokume gane. Sturdy and self-supporting, it can also be ideal for large clay creations and it won’t crack in big pieces. The cost of this Sculpey® clay is $2.79 per 1.7 oz.

Imagine the Possibilities With Sculpey®

These brilliant clay lines are just a sample of all the clay options we offer. Your creativity is our top concern, so with Sculpey® products, we provide varieties of polymer clay with superb quality and affordable prices. Purchase today!