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Polymer Oven-Bake Clay 

Polymer oven-bake clay is perfect for everything from custom jewelry pieces, home décor, sculptures, holiday decorations and more! The best part about oven-bake clay? It is incredibly soft and malleable and will retain its freshness even when exposed to air. Here are the different polymer clay types we offer: 

  • Sculpey® III: This is excellent for general crafting due to its easy-to-use texture and vibrant color choices. We carry different sizes, DIY kits and multi-color packs.
  • Sculpey Soufflé™: This lightweight and durable polymer clay is ideal for advanced techniques and great at holding detail. We offer multiple colors, available in different sizes, multi-color packs and DIY kits. 
  • Sculpey Premo™: The ideal polymer clay for professional and frequent clayers, Sculpey Premo™ holds fine details and crisp lines. Our selection consists of over 60 colors in various sizes, DIY-starter kits and multi-color packs. 
  • Sculpey Bake Shop®: Perfect for young crafters, Sculpey Bake Shop® erases, glows and bends like rubber, resulting in endless fun. 
  • Super Sculpey®: A shatter-resistant option available in three different levels of firmness, Super Sculpey® is great for professional applications. We have it in 1-ounce and 8-ounce sizes with different shade options.  
  • Original Sculpey®: As the first oven-bake clay in America, Original Sculpey® has been used by crafters of all ages for decades. It is easy to work with and an ideal choice for beginners. We offer different colors for this polymer clay, like Terra Cotta, Granite and White. Sizes range from 1 ounce to 1 pound. 

Order Clay From Sculpey®

Sculpey® is excited to help you bring your clay creations to life with ease. If you have questions about what Sculpey® brand is best for your project or how long to bake your piece, check out the FAQ page where there are tons of tips and techniques for working with polymer clay!

We offer the best polymer oven-bake clay on the market in a wide range of beautiful color palettes. Browse our clay lines and order your favorite Sculpey® oven-bake clay today. 

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