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Home Kits Ultimate Clayer Set Bundle

Ultimate Clayer Set Bundle

Ultimate Clayer Set Bundle

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This set is perfect for anyone who loves creating with clay! Take your creations to the next level with this amazing set.

This set includes

  • Sculpey Premo & Souffle Multi-pack - combines two of the most popular clay brands together - Premo™ metallics and glitters and a versatile range of colors from Soufflé! Mix these two brands of clay together to create beautiful jewelry, home décor and mixed media projects!
  • Clay Conditioning Machine - 9 different thickness settings makes it ideal for conditioning clay quickly and easily.
  • Oven Safe Work Mat - non skid mat allows you to create and then bake. 7.75” H x 13” W
  • Essential Tool Kit - 11 piece set includes - blade with safety handles, ball tool, clay knife, texture wheel and 2 heads, detail tool and a needle tool

Multi-pack includes (12) 1 oz pieces: Sculpey Premo™ Rose Gold Glitter, Copper, Yellow Gold Glitter, 18K Gold, Gray Granite, Bright Green Pearl, Peacock Pearl, Galaxy Glitter, White Gold Glitter, Silver, Pearl, Frost White Glitter

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Trying to decide which Sculpey clays are right for you? Now you don't have to choose! Here, we've combined the best of both worlds — our two most popular clay brands, Premo™ and Soufflé.

Inside this polymer clay multi-pack, you'll find 24 of our best colors:

  • 12 - 1 oz pieces from Sculpey Premo™: Copper, Rose Gold Glitter, Silver, 18K Gold, Yellow Gold Glitter, Peacock Pearl, Gray Granite, Bright Green Pearl, White Gold Glitter, Pearl, Frost White Glitter, Galaxy Glitter
  • 12 - .9 oz pieces from Sculpey Soufflé™: Pumpkin, Sea Glass, Cherry Pie, Canary, Bluestone, Cornflower, Poppy Seed, Shamrock, Turnip, Cowboy, Latte, Igloo

What Can You Use This Clay Multi-Pack For?

This pack is perfect for trying out both brands in different finishes and colors. You can use each of these gorgeous colors on their own or blend them together to create glitter and metallic versions of Soufflé clays. These clays are also durable and flexible, making them an excellent choice for trying more advanced techniques like bargello, caning and mokume gane. Soufflé clay is also flexible enough to be cut and sewn, after you've baked it.

Use our Sculpey Premo™ & Soufflé™ Multi-Pack to make unique jewelry, mixed media projects or home décor. Make patches to embellish your bag and jacket, or sculpt a fun, chunky necklace as a statement piece.

Find Your Creativity With Sculpey

Before you get started on your project, be sure to place a protective covering over the area you'll be working on. Using a sheet tray or an oven-safe work mat keeps your work surface protected.

Once you've created your new masterpiece, place it in an oven preheated to 275 °F until it hardens. If properly cured, our clay will never shrink or crack. If you have extra clay, save it. Our clay stays soft until you decide to bake it, meaning you can reuse it again and again.

Get started on your next clay project today with the 24-piece Sculpey Premo™ & Soufflé™ Multi-Pack.

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