Techniques to Try - Twists and Spirals

by Sculpey Teacher Ambassador Katherine Steiner

To begin, take equal amounts of Sculpey in two or more colors. Start with two, then build up to more as you get better at twisting the clay.

Then roll each piece of clay into a rope with your hands, making them the same length.

Begin to twist the two ropes together: pinch at both ends and rotate the clay in opposite directions with each hand (Roll it towards you with your left hand, and away from you with your right hand.)

Keep twisting until the rope looks the way you want it to. It will look a little lumpy and odd at first.

Roll out the twist until it’s one smooth rope.

You can stop here, and cut off a section to create a shape you like. I’m a fan of candy canes, so that’s where I went with this.

Or, you can roll your new swirled colors into a ball, and flatten them to cut out a shape. Noticing a theme? Peppermint is my favorite winter flavor!

Sculpey Premo clay is really easy to use for classroom projects, and it gets students really excited around the holidays! Holiday colors and themes excite students, so make sure to check in with your students to make sure you’re meeting everyone’s holidays in the classroom! 


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