New Color Tuesday! Introducing Sculpey Premo™ Teal - Pt 4

The top row of the large photo contains the 3 colors that I’m mixing with the Sculpey Premo™ Teal on the far right. The bottom 3 colors are the colors mixes created by mixing the color directly above with equal portions (1:1) of the Teal.

Oh Yesss, those are some cool moody blues all right! That Copper/Teal 1:1 mix is my favorite for the month (I love ANYTHING with this Copper). Although, that Slate/Teal 1:1 mix is kind of dreamy and just draws my eye right into the color. The Galaxy Glitter/Teal combination shows me that a Skinner blend with these two colors could create a dimensional look to a night sky, right?

Don’t forget to share your favorite Sculpey mixes with us by using the hashtag #HowDoYouSculpey.

xoxo, syn

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